Black Friday: To Go or Not to Go

November 19, 2009 by publishing123  
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A discussion of Black Friday pros and cons.

Black Friday: To Go or Not To Go.

The phrase Black Friday (sounds scary, right?) in the US today describes one of the Biggest shopping days of the year. This is the day that major stores hope will make up for all the rest, taking profits from the red
(which would be the danger zone, not showing a profit) and take them into the BLACK(making a profit before the end of the year).

Black Friday! A craze of shoppers all waiting in lines, waiting for doors to be unlocked, a mad rush for merchandise, is it worth it?  Coming away victorious from a store with a TV or toaster in your shopping cart may also mean fresh bruises and the possibility that you’re a little less civilized.

I never thought that Black Friday was such a big deal until I was scheduled to work one in a local mall store.  Our Store was not a top priority on any shoppers list, just a small mall shop with no advertised Black Friday sale, not to say that we didn’t still profit from the added traffic.  But as I pulled into work that morning I experienced for the first time the desperation that sits in those crowds.  On my lunch break I took a stroll around the mall and saw the chaotic mess of once neat and organized stores.

Blow out sales and door busters draw in crowd numbers in the thousands.   

It’s all great in theory right? But is it really worth it for American citizens to disturb their sleep and wait in what seems like endless lines with the possibility of getting hurt in these large crowd s, just to get a discount.  Parents are hoping to get Christmas presents for children and deals on home appliances. One day year? Isn’t it possible that stores could discount their prices on other days as well?  It’s not in our best interest that they open their doors at 5am, it’s in theirs.

Have you ever been to a Black Friday sale, don’t be ashamed, good for you.  It’s most definitely a life experience I think that you should be able to put it on a job Resume. 

Life Experience/Activity: I Survived a Black Friday Sale. Or I’m a Black Friday enthusiast.

I personally don’t go shopping on the day in question; at least I haven’t in a few years. Mainly because I don’t have the money to spend. Even if the deals are great I don’t like to spend what I don’t have on a flat screen when my tube TV, with a built in dial, is still working.

If you do venture out after turkey day I ask of you one thing. Go out knowing that you may not get what you set out for and if that happens yes be disappointed, but stay civilized.

If at all possible mind your manners, refrain from using profanity and pushing.  Remember that those around you got up for the same reason that you did. This means, that yes, not everyone is going to be able to go home with the hottest toy, but that doesn’t mean that your shopping experience has to become survival of the fittest. 

All I want on November 27th this year is to wake up rested after my turkey tryptophan has worn completely off and turn on the news without hearing about another Black Friday tragedy, with crowds gone awry.

So good Luck to you.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping.

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  1. Kathy Smith Says:

    I plan on Going with my mother, I hope it’s not snowing this year. That will put everyone in a better mood, if the weather is pleasing.

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