My Experience with Olay Total Effects

May 7, 2008 by Iwanttobeme  
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A customer expressing satisfaction with Olay Total Effects.

As women, we always want to look beautiful not just for anybody but for ourselves. Is it not that when we look beautiful, we feel confident in ourselves? When we’re confident, we can do almost everything we want to do. That’s the reason why I always take care of myself to look beautiful.

I’ve tried different beauty products in the past. From local to important. From affordable, to less affordable. Some would say, you’ll get fairer in 7 days. While other products promise to treat your acne. But all of them did not satisfy me. They did not live up to their promise.

Until, I tried Olay Total Effects. Actually, it’s my boyfriend who introduced this to me. Oh, don’t get me wrong , he’s not gay. He said, he read it somewhere in the net that this product is proven to be effective. And since I was not satisfied with the beauty product that I used that time, I decided to give it a try.

My boyfriend is based abroad so he had to pay for the shipment in sending the facial cream. He only bought 1 bottle at first so that it won’t be much of a waste if we’ll find it ineffective. I, then started using it, twice daily. And I saw the result in less than 2 weeks. I noticed that my skin got fairer, more glowing and the blemishes that I used to have became less noticeable. This product also lasts longer than I expected because you only have to put a little amount in your face.

For some people who think that this product is expensive, you must be wrong. Because with Olay Total Effects you will surely get what you paid for.

I also advised my boyfriend to use it. At first he was hesitant because Olay is identified in ladies. But later, he gave it a try. And it gives him a positive effect. Both of us have been using Olay Total Effects for a year, and we’re more than satisfied with what we’re getting from this bottle of cream. You should try it too.

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