Lipbalm Not Just for Lips!

August 13, 2011 by shiraluna  
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Lipbalm Not Just for Lips!

For owners who easily dry lips, lipbalm is the savior of the most reliable. The content of petroleum jelly contained in lipbalm can form a protective layer of skin like the lips, and not easily lost when exposed to water.

Besides being able to help provide moisture to the lips, according to Nikita Wilson, an  cosmetic expert from New Jersey , lipbalm also have therapeutic benefits. Because, lipbalm with its lanolin content it can help restore the condition of chapped skin. In addition, lipbalm can also create color lipstick do you wear to be more “out”.

Lipbalm usefulness does not stop there. Research proves that this one thing can also be useful when used on several other body parts. Among others, to soften the skin on the elbows are dry and smooth the skin in the area of ​​the knee. Lipbalm can also help soften the cuticle making it easier for you when doing manicures. You can also apply lipbalm in the area of ​​eyebrows sparse fur, to make it look more presentable.

Apart from its function as a beauty product, lipbalm also have other benefits. Its oily make lipbalm can help release concerning zippers. Or, if you buy a new leather shoes, try to apply a lipbalm to the inside of the shoe rubbing against your skin. This will make the leather soft shoes so much, so it does not cause irritation or friction injury, as often happens when you wear new shoes.

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2 Responses to “Lipbalm Not Just for Lips!”
  1. WONZERday Says:

    i have to try that sometime thanks :)

  2. Shiew Says:

    Yes, petroleum jelly helps alot with dry lips. Others even says that this can help your eyelash grow. I tried that before and yes it works for me. I even told my older sister about that ‘coz I really have short lashes, so yeah. :D

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