How to Get Quality Cosmetics for $1.00 Each

February 2, 2009 by Kristie Leong MD  
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Who says a dollar doesn’t buy much these days? Here’s how to buy makeup beauty products online for $1.00 per item.

Buying cosmetics can be an expensive proposition, particularly if you purchase from the cosmetic counters at your local department store. Even more frustrating is the fact that higher end makeup beauty products are sometimes no better than the products you can buy at your local drugstore. If the cost of beauty products has you down, you may be interested in a website where you can get a whopping discount on cosmetics. Would you believe make up for a dollar?

It seems that a dollar buys very little these days unless you head over to a local dollar store which usually has a pretty limited selection of cosmetics. In the online world things are different, thanks to, a website devoted to supplying good cosmetics at a deep discount.

Here, you can actually purchase basic make-up beauty products for the ridiculously low price of a single dollar. This includes lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, nail polish, and more. This website doesn’t offer extremely low quality products, as you might, expect, but items you’d pay fifteen to twenty dollars for if purchased from a store. Because of the significant discount on cosmetics this site offers, it’s been written up in numerous beauty magazines.

Although you might expect at these deep discounts the shipping costs would eat up some of your savings, free shipping is offered on all orders over $75.00. This makes it a deal that’s hard to pass up. The site also offers a free newsletter, beauty tips, and an opportunity to create your own beauty profile so you can get special recommendations that are customized just for you.

Although the discount on cosmetics at this site can’t be beat, shopping at does have some drawbacks. There are advantages to being able to see a product in person, to be able to touch it, and even try it on before forking over your credit card. You won’t get that opportunity here. The plus side?  You’re only out a dollar if a product isn’t right for you.

The other disadvantage is you’re going to have limited information about the ingredients in these makeup beauty products. At a dollar per item, you have to wonder what unhealthy ingredients you’re being exposed to. If you’re at all concerned about using natural or organic products, this site is probably not a good choice for you. It may be best to pay a little more and know what you’re putting on your face.

The bottom line? This is a great way to get a discount on cosmetics and makeup beauty products. Although the cosmetic products appear to be of good quality from a functional perspective, from a health standpoint, the benefits may not be worth it.

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2 Responses to “How to Get Quality Cosmetics for $1.00 Each”
  1. Carolyn Ann Aish Says:

    I didn’t even know that one could buy cosmetics for so little! I learn new things all the time! Thanks.

  2. iakul Says:

    hi, your article was plagiarised. Link to offending article –>

    If it leads to a non-existent discussion, then it has already been deleted after being reported. If it’s still there, just wanted to let you know.

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