How to Buy Discontinued Cosmetics

January 11, 2008 by Kristie Leong MD  
Published in Beauty Products

Are you frustrated by a favorite cosmetic product that’s been discontinued? Here’s how to buy your favorite discontinued cosmetics.

It’s annoying when you fall in love with a shade of lipstick and its promptly discontinued by the company who manufactures it. This happens all too often. A cosmetic company can discontinue a particular cosmetic for a variety of reasons including a change in makeup trends, lack of sales of a particular item, or it may be a limited edition or seasonal product. Nevertheless, it can be a source of frustration when you lose access to a cosmetic product you love. Is there a solution to this problem? Fortunately, there are places where you can buy discontinued cosmetics if you’re willing to invest a little time.


The world’s largest online marketplace is a rich source for discontinued cosmetics although it may take a little time to track down the exact item you’re looking for and it may only be available in limited quantities. If you’re not rewarded with your first search, don’t get discouraged as new cosmetic products are posted on a daily basis. To prevent the possibility of contracting an unwanted infection from used cosmetic products, only purchase products that are still sealed.

Harness the Power of Search Engines

Try typing in the exact name of your product into your favorite search engine and see if you can find a site that carries it. You can also try some of the price comparison search engines using the exact product name. Often times a discontinued item will turn up in an online store.

Check Off-Price Outlets

If you visit outlet stores on a frequent basis, check the cosmetic outlets to see if they might have your desired product. They often carry discontinued items that other stores no longer have. Saks Fifth Avenue outlets have a substantial cosmetic department that often has makeup items that are no longer found in mainstream retail stores. Be sure to check the local T.J. Maxx and Marshall stores in your area. You can also sometimes find discontinued makeup and cosmetics at yard and estate sales.

Estee Lauder’s Gone But Not Forgotten Program

If you’re looking for discontinued makeup by Estee Lauder, Clinique, Origins, Prescriptives, or Bobbi Brown, you may be able to find them through this program. You can inquire about availability of a product by calling 646-602-7725 and giving the name of the product.

Contact Company Outlets by Phone

Many discontinued makeup products are sent to company outlets that you can contact by phone. To find the outlet where a discontinued makeup product may have been sent, do a Google search for “discontinued cosmetics + the name of the cosmetic line”. In many cases you’ll be rewarded with the name of an outlet and its phone number.

By playing search detective, you may be rewarded with that elusive discontinued makeup product you thought you’d never find.

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114 Responses to “How to Buy Discontinued Cosmetics”
  1. Nicola Banks Says:

    Hi an Estee Lauder product has discontinued and im really trying to find were i could purchase this product from, its an estee Lauder minute blush stick and the colour is spice. Please could you help me. Ive got really use to this blusher stick.

    Thanking you

  2. anne kuan Says:

    I’m trying to find a lipstick by Yes Mistress, the shade is called Bondage Babe, can anyone tell me where to find it?

  3. ashkey dressel Says:

    Hi I have been searching for quite awhile now for a product from lorac called summer peace. It’s my absolute favorite lip polish they make and have discontinued it so now I’m trying to see if its at all posibble to find? Can some one help?

  4. Esbe Says:


    The Estee Lauder product you are looking for is listed on eBay/US.

    Type “Estee Lauder Minute Blush Stick Spice” into the search function. There were two for sale as of about 5 minutes ago.


  5. fal Says:

    Does anyone know where one can find or who actually manufactures Tangee lipstick these days? It was dirt cheap(less than $1.00) years ago and i see now that it is sold supposedly ONLY thru a vermont store for $15.00. Seeing that the package now sports the words SPF15, i am assuming they have changed the ‘ingredients’ some.

  6. Michelle Says:

    please help me find Estee Lauder Navy Teal eyeliner…I’m lost without it!!!!

  7. Jillian Says:

    Please help me find Clinque Gentle Lite Powder Glow 6

  8. nola Says:

    I am looking for Clarins Fluide Desalterant Multi-Hydratant with SPF 15 Lotion

  9. Says:

    I am looking for Dermablend’s “Cover Creme”, 1 oz. jar, before they added SPF30.

  10. CJ Says:

    I am looking for a growth formula nail polish by Almay. It was a small square shape like bottle, light blue color. It made my nails grow alot , They used to carry it at Odd Job before they went out of business. Now i can’t find it. Please help.

  11. Farrenjane Says:

    Hi, I am looking for the Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV compact foundation. Its in the form of a pressed powder compact and is also 17spf. I originally purchased in a department store on holiday in China, but now i cant get it anywhere. Does anyone know where i can get this either in person or online? Thanks:)

  12. Kath Says:

    Aveda has discontinued its Sap Moss shampoo!! I’ve been buying this wonderful stuff for 5 years and the woman I spoke to at their customer service office said she didn’t know what was going to replace it. So much for customer service, huh?

  13. Nhow Says:

    Looking for Klorane Citrus Balm (not the shampoo). Have searched eBay with no luck. Thanks for any help.

  14. diane Says:

    looking for estee lauder lipstick in (futurist full treatment)
    Very Red.

  15. Del Says:

    I’m looking for Dermablend cover creme in the compact that has just been discontinued. I need medium beige.
    Thank you for your help.

  16. tmoore Says:

    looking for MAc long wear lip color in Go Vin Go

  17. Rhodges Says:

    Anyone know where to get Clinique Smudgesicles?

  18. sal Says:

    clinique compact foundation shade sunny (g)

  19. TAlex Says:

    I am looking for Clinique Cleansing Cream in the jar. This has been replaced with the cleansing cream in the tube, but it’s not the same thing.

  20. Tracy Says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me find Chanel Aqua Liner in’s dicontinued and the only eyeliner I wear. thank you so much!!!

  21. Marlene Ahern Says:

    I am trying to find a Estee Lauder discontinued eye liner color copper Thanks.

  22. maggieduck Says:

    Help! Looking for Dior Plastic Gloss 224 Maniac Beige. Thanks!

  23. #25 Darlene Says:

    I have been looking for estee lauder pure color 901 black liquid eyeliner. If anyone knows where I can buy this please let me knoq. Thank yous much

  24. kristin Says:

    I worked for estee lauder for 14 years and caught the brunt of many unhappy ladies looking for discontinued lipsticks! The store you shop at…especially Saks Fifth has a number the sales associate can call for you and they can locate your product…if she/he says they can’t…talk to a manager! They can!

  25. Says:

    I am looking for Clarins Fluide Desalterant Multi-Hydratant spf 15

  26. Colleen O'Grady Says:

    I am looking for Estee Lauder MINUTE BLUSH CREME STICK ROSE. i can;t even find it on Ebay. See if you can help me. My email address is and you can email me there.

  27. Rakefet Gorman Says:

    I’m looking for a nail polish by Este Lauder :
    03 black wine.
    Can’t find it . Please e-mail me if you know where I can fined it

  28. terri Says:

    looking for all day lipstick classic mocha.

  29. terri Says:

    opps Estee Lauder all day lipstick…Classic Mocha

  30. Della Says:

    I’m looking for Dermablend cover creme in the compact. I need medium beige 21/2.
    Thank you for your help……….

  31. Darlene Says:

    Kristin, I did call saks fifth about the pure color liquid eyeliner by estee lauder and they told me it was not available, but I did not ask for a manager. Thanks for the information. If you know any place else I can get it. Please let me know.

  32. Sam Says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! Im looking for a Max Factor Lipstick in the shade Essential Earth. I have had mine for a while now so im not even sure what the range is called. All i know is the brand and the shade. Please help!!

  33. darlene Says:

    Please help me too! I need to find were I can buy estee lauder pure color liquid eyeliner in black. If anyone know where I can purchase it please let me know!

  34. darlene Says:

    Rakefet Gorman, I think the nail polish you are looking for is at

  35. Sam Says:

    I am looking for Max Factor Goldline Lipstick in shade 58 Essential Earth.. Please help!!!

  36. Darlene Says:

    Sam, I went under google and keyed in your lipstick and clicked on PFM cosmetics lipstick website. It showed your lipstick.

  37. Ellyn Says:

    Looking for Origins Lipstick “Rosebud” – can’t find it anymore

  38. nyla Says:

    I am looking for BENEFIT CHEEKIES cream blush in the shade “Crazy in Love”. I’ve emailed the manufacturer and searched online with no luck. Any other suggestions? I’ll buy 20 of them!

  39. Carrie Says:

    I worked for Estee lauder, for two years, they usually always replace the products with something new. The Black liquid liner was replaced with another liquid liner,I forget the name I think it is color stay, what I will tell you is chanel has a wonderful liquid liner, The black and the navy blue are really nice. In regards to the copper liner, good luck they discontinued that two years ago, try another line, lancome and chanel usually have those colors. The stick blushes were replaced with others, but I do not remember if they discontinued them. There was a mocha all day lipstick, that was also discontinued years ago, and I havent seen anything like it, the all day formula was more matte, but not completely matte, and everything else is too matte or too gloss.

  40. Mani Says:

    Can anybody help me find the Iridescent Leather (539) eyeshadow quint by Dior? I have been searching high and low, calling department stores all over and searching online. Please help me! I’m desperate

  41. Patti Says:

    I have used Clarins FLUIDE DÉSALTÉRANT MULTI-HYDRATANT HYDRA CARE for over 30 years now and don’t understand why it disappeared. Can anyone help me find some?

  42. Humama Says:

    I am looking for Chanel nail polish in Azur. It was featured in the Spring 2008 collection.

  43. Tiffany K. Says:

    I’ve been using Loreal sublime bronze gelee shade medium deep for years and now it seems to be replaced by medium natural tan. If anyone knows where i can find the full 5oz bottles of this shade please let me know. I didn’t even know they were going to discontinue it!

  44. Trying to be a good husband Says:

    HELP ! My wife has used PHYSICIANS FORMULA PEARLS OF PERFECTION LIQUID BRONZER for years, now it’s discontinued. I love the way she looks and smells in it. Does anyone know where I can find a quantity of it ??? Steve

  45. GiGiBeth Says:

    I am trying to locate an Estee Lauder eye shadow called 11 Brown Sugar. If anyone knows where I could obtain this, please let me know.

  46. lostbutlooking Says:

    Steve, if you find PHYSICIANS FORMULA PEARLS OF PERFECTION liquid bronzer please post it. I am searching as well!! Good Luck!! I hope they bring it back by popular demand, you should contact them and request it, I already have!!

  47. Cheryl Says:

    I am looking for Estee Lauders Cinema Pink Lipstick. It was discontinued more than one year ago.

  48. Angie Trostle Says:

    I am looking for the Origins lipstick color called Spiked Peach. If anyone knows where or how I can get it please let me know. Thank you Angie

  49. janeww Says:


  50. BrittP Says:

    for the people looking for the PHYSICIANS FORMULA PEARLS OF PERFECTION liquid bronzer, did you guys check out drugstore.come or I think they have it…but im not 100% sure if thats exactly what you guys are looking for…but it’s worth a try :-)
    hope i could help

  51. Melissa Miller Says:

    I am looking for Chanel Orange Blossom Nail polish recently dicontinued. Thank you

  52. CArol Says:

    I am looking for Estee Lauder lipstick in “Sungleam Red”

  53. karen Says:

    I am looking for Clinques Extremely Gentle Cleansing Cream.. The new replacment is totally different. Can anyone recommend a cleansing cream you can tissue off that is similar to the discontinued one.

  54. Don Pascoe Says:

    I am looking for MAC “Snowgirl” Lipglass. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    Want to purchase a few for my fiance’s upcoming birthday (Oct 26th). Thank you for any help you can lend.

  55. Gladys Faulk Says:

    i am looking for estee lauder all day lipstick in coral melon.
    please help me find it.

  56. Danielle Says:

    Does anyone know if there\’s any web sites that sale the old OLAY COMPACTS. NOT the covergirl and olay products, JUST the product OLAY

  57. LisaL Says:

    Does anyone know where I might find the Estee Lauder luminizer called WinterLights? I’ve tried a million other but nothing else comes close. Thanks!

  58. Jennifer Says:

    I\’m looking for Jane lipstick \”plum Perfect\” used to be available at kmart and Target I think. About $4 each

  59. Michelle Says:

    can anyone tell me where I can buy an Oil of Olay nail called Alien? It was discontinued quite a while ago and I have been searching for it since. Thanks

  60. Capri Says:


    I’m searching for a Limited Edition Estee Lauder lipstick called Rose Amethyst from the Sensuous Gold 2009 Fall collection – I will buy them all if I can find ‘em.


  61. Ariom Says:

    Capri..A reply to your SOS!!!! The Rose Amethyst from the Sensuous Gold 2009 Fall Collection was a very limited edition. There are 2 is go to the Estee Lauder counter and ask if by chance they happen to have any left over. They do like to keep a private stock. 2nd..there is a Dupe for it…estee Lauder came out with a very similiar shade after all the hype about this color..and it is called “DUNE ROSE:…very similiar. You may want to chk it on on their website. I ended up buying it myself…it is very close.

  62. Linda Says:

    Does anyone know of a source for DeLore Nails discontinuted items. I’m looking for the product they made under the name of Onymyrrh. It is the only product I have found that will help my nails to grow. Thank you.

  63. nora taylor Says:

    no but i am looking for a dior lip gloss itis rimbbon mauve please can you help

  64. Judy Korando Says:

    I`m looking for Mac Modum lipstick.

  65. eileen Says:

    I’m looking for ,it is discontinued, extremely gentle cleansing cream by clinique.

  66. Victoria Says:

    Please help! Prescriptives is now discontinued and I love their make up soo much! I have searched – to no avail- to find:

    Flawless skin foundation – shade 23 Rose
    Pressed powder leaves – Shade Royal Radiance 02
    Mineral cheek colour – Shade Coral Stone 01
    Mineral loose lightening powder – Shage warm/light Medium 01
    Colour scope lip colour – Rose Glow

    Id like any blusher, lip gloss thats a shade of the group B/R or R though!

  67. Nett Says:

    I need the dermablend compact cover creme makeup, which has been discontinued! The color # is 4, reddish tan.

  68. Sarah Says:

    go here!

  69. A Says:

    Don Pascoe,
    There it is. For 29.99, but it’s there!!!!

  70. Linda Bookhardt Says:

    There are several shops out there dealing in discontinued makeup and cosmetics. My shop is one of them. I have not seen any products from the comments above that I have in stock but drop me a line and I will try to find whatever you need. We also keep a database for clients looking for a special color or brand. Linda Bookhardt

  71. snowgirl Says:

    Back in the 1980’s there used to be an inexpensive lotion you could buy from High Street shops (similar to Poundland) called Temporary Wrinkle Remover. It cost something like £3 a bottle, and was imported, I’m sure, from either Florida or New York, but it may have also been manufactured in China (it was defintely from either the US or China anyway) It did list all the ingredients (which I still have a copy of) and it was fantastic as disguising lines, wrinkles or acne scars. It actually made them disappear. You’d apply a small drop of the clear gel-like lotion to the skin, and after a few minutes it would dry and become taut and totally obliterate all lines. It was like a miracle lotion. Once the lotion had dried on your skin it became invisible, though when you touched your skin you could feel a very slight roughness where the lotion had dried and set – but as the results were so fantastic – and the lotion was totally harmless to the skin – that didn’t matter.

    Unfortunately the manufacturers stopped making it, but since then lots of copycat temporary wrinkle lotions have come out on the market – some with even the exact same ingredients – but not one of them matches the effectiveness of the original. Some of the newer lotions are similar in that they tighten and dry on the skin, but they do not come anywhere near what the original did – and even those with the exact same formula do not work as well. They also tend to leave a white chalky outline on the skin once the lotion is applied.

    If the manufacturers of the newer lotions are using the exact same ingredients, yet without having the fantastic effect of the original, could it be that the actual amounts of each ingredient is different; thus accounting for the disappoing effect?

    I have tried for years to locate the original manufacturer, but to no avail. Would anyone have heard of this original lotion? Maybe someone once bought some themselves years ago? Or maybe someone would where to search for the original manufacturer? Failing that I’ve wondered what the possibilites are of getting some lotion made up? I’m sure it can’t be easy – despite having the list of ingredients?

    Please, if anyone can come up with some suggestions I would be so happy!

    Thanks in advance


  72. Christine W Says:

    PLEASE HELP: I’m looking for my fav lipstick that can’t be found anymore. Color is called Penny Lane #22 made by Sassaby Inc out of Cardiff, California. I believe that they may have been acquired by Estee Lauder back in 1997 but I’m SURE that I purchased it through a Walgreens at a date later than 1997. Thanks.

  73. Ashley Says:

    Check out this site

    It has all department store brand cosmetics and skincare items marked at wholesale prices

  74. Ashley Says:

    This site has all department store brand cosmetics and skincare items marked at wholesale prices

  75. erica Says:

    Hi..I’m looking for origins lasting lipcolor in “terra cotta” its been discontinued for some time now and I yet to match it.. Someone please help! Email me if anyone can get me that color
    Thank you!

  76. Deepa Says:

    Hello, I am looking for a nail polish form Chanel called Cosmique 28. It was discontinued for quite some time ago.. Perhaps anyone remembers seeing it or knows about it a.k.a what year it came out and etc… I did call Chanel but they wouldn’t give any details… Please.. help me find it.. its really killing me!!!

  77. DEEPAMJ Says:

    Hello, I am looking for a nail polish form Chanel called Cosmique 28. It was discontinued for quite some time ago.. Perhaps anyone remembers seeing it or knows about it a.k.a what year it came out and etc… I did call Chanel but they wouldn\\\’t give any details… Please.. help me find it.. its really killing me!!!

  78. Sarah Says:

    Thanks for this article- it was very helpful BUT the number for Gone but Not Forgotten is incorrect: it is 1-800-216-7173. A very annoyed person answered the other number and is very tired of getting calls about makeup!!!

  79. mari Says:

    Love the mascara by Bourjois coup de theatre in black where can i buy this anyone no please help

  80. Margaret Says:

    Looking for Estee Lauder lipstick Rose Amethyst. I love it! Please contact me at if you can help me out. Thank you.

  81. Bridget Says:

    There is an catalog that I get called the Vermont country store, they sell some older hard to find cosmetics. A person named Fal had asked a question on this page I just saw from ‘08 about some store with vermont in the name and I think this is the catalog she is thinking about. I don’t know if she even will see this since it’s been a few years but I figure maybe some of you might find what you’re looking for from them. : )

  82. J OFarrell Says:

    I am looking for Dior Pro Cheeks Catwalk Pink!

  83. Discontinued Makeup Says:

    Makeup Deal of the Day gets a lot of discontinued makeup and closeout cosmetics and they offer steep discounts. They carry Lancome, Stila, Urban Decay, Smashbox, a little bit of MAC and more.

  84. Laura Says:

    HELLO! Trying to find a discontinued Right Guard Deodorant. It is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant and deodorant combo.

    Right Guard Sport Deodorant Active Scent.

    Anyone? Thanks very much! fingers crossed! :)

  85. Ramiro Sanmiguel Says:

    well ihave been tryngwhat i am looking for is a kit for make up but i can not find it it is for school o well i have to keep trying thanks

  86. Deborah Shepherd Says:

    I am looking for Clinique Dewy Smooth Makeup in #6 Natural Warmth It has been discontinued & when I find it is priced so
    high I can not pay the price, ebay etc.

  87. Esty Says:

    Reply to Deborah Shepherd

    Hi, I have one available for sale , its brand new in closed box you can email me to

  88. Angela Saul Says:

    I need to find a Estee Lauder pure color lipstick in vanilla truffle

  89. Kathy Pesce Says:

    I have been looking for lip pencils made by Stylix (thin) the color is plum. I purchased them a while ago and can’t find them anywhere…..Thanks!!!

  90. Kathy Pesce Says:

    I have been looking for lip pencils made by Stylix (thin) the color is plum. I purchased them a while ago and can\\\’t find them anywhere…..Thanks!!!

  91. Verlene Says:

    I am looking for the Make Up Forever lipstick #205 it is a deep, blue-based red lipstick. It was discontinued by MUFE several years ago. I appreciate if someone can help me located one. Thanks.

  92. Lori Says:

    I’m looking for Loreal Jet-Set Quick Dry Nail Enamel Limited Edition Color: Bronze Light #476.

  93. marji Says:


  94. Delbra Bristol Says:

    Looking for Jane liphuggers lipstick in Mostly Mauve #18.

  95. Delbra Bristol Says:

    Looking for Jane liphuggers lipstick in Mostly Mauve #18.

  96. Michelle Says:

    I am looking for Nivea Shimmer Body Lotion. HELP

  97. Cheyne Says:

    Hi – Can you please remove my phone number [646-602-7725] from this website? I have been receiving quite a number of calls from women looking to buy these discontinued products but there is nothing I can do to help with this. The number is wrong and you should direct any inquiries to the appropriate company’s customer service line. I am an IT consultant so calling me at the number listed above is not going to help you buy discontinued cosmetics. Thanks.

  98. Manisha Says:

    I’m looking for a Cristian Dior Rogue Lipstick shade # 568

    the same has been discontinued by Dior. Cn anyone help me

  99. wSamar Says:

    Hi i am looking for :
    - Max factor lipstick shade Essential earth #58
    – Bourjois lipstick , shade Evasion #14
    Or any Dups ??

  100. Nicole Says:

    Trying to find the Coty Airspun Face Powder in Muted Amber Deep Suntan. Tried Ebay, they don’t have it. All of the other discontinued cosmetic websites do not carry it. Called Coty in New York, they don’t have it.

  101. jonathan cox Says:

    Hi can anyone tell me where you can buy origins sunny disposition liquid bronzer it has been discontinued

  102. Angela Coots Says:

    I am looking for Clinique lipstick in Terracotta. Thank you.


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