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November 12, 2008 by Lena Brown  
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I had been plagued for a long time with acne and very dry skin and scalp. I still have a problem every once in a while. I have found that there are natural ways and other ways to maintain a very clear complexion. All the products mentioned are personal items that I currently use.

The price we have to pay to maintain beautiful skin can be astronomical if you truly sit and do the math.  I have spent so much money on all the clear skin products that I could open my own beauty supply store.  Yet, I have found one simple solution to my acne and dry skin woes.  Our bodies are made up of 70 percent of it and it is the cheapest beauty solution you can find.  Do you know what it is?  That’s right water!  Many know this, but I am not sure that most know exactly why.  Water, when ingested at about 8 to 10 glasses daily rids the body of toxins.  Personally, I try to drink about a gallon of water a day.  Sure, it will continuously have one relieving themselves; but, the inconvenience of the latrine marathon is well worth it.  Drinking water provides proper hydration and in turn gives the skin a nice glow.

Recently, I went into a takeout restaurant and ordered a very heavy meal.  (What can I say, I have a very healthy appetite)!  After I made my order, the gentleman asked me if I wanted a soda.  There was another man behind the register.  He turned to the gentleman and replied, “She does not drink soda.”  At first I was perplexed.  How could he know?  I asked him politely, “How do you know this?”  He motioned with his hands by touching his face.  “You only drink water,” He replied in a heavy Caribbean accent.  He was absolutely right.  I only drink water.  A clear complexion, if anyone knows has everything to do with what you put in your body and that day I was putting fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and cabbage down the hatch.  Water and only water could compete with ridding my body of the toxins that would be left behind after pigging out on those food items.

More Reasons Why We Should Drink Water

  • Water keeps the bowels working properly and thus prevents constipation.  I can count on one hand how many times I have been inflicted with it and usually it was because I had not consumed the amount of water my body has been accustomed to having.
  • Water is a hydrator of course, and will also cure things like dry scalp and also provide the hair with a natural sheen.
  • Water also carries nutrients throughout the body to allow proper functioning for most organs.
  • Water assists in decreasing high blood pressure levels.  As a person with high blood pressure, I have found that a normal blood pressure can be maintain, provided I follow a low sodium diet, by drinking lots of water.  Water, rids the body of sodium, as high levels of sodium can attribute to raised blood pressure.
  • Water also keeps the skin looking younger.  As we age the skin sags and becomes less elastic.  As this is inevitable, drinking water helps to prolong the aging processes and affects.  I am on your left; I turned 41 years young November 10th and my sister turned 35 years young September 27th.  We are both serious water drinkers.

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4 Responses to “Beauty Secrets and Tips for Beautiful Skin 2”
  1. lindalulu Says:

    Good information

  2. Inna Tysoe Says:

    Good information and well done. I really like Aveeno products myself but I didn’t know that water keeps your skin clean! Thanks for sharing that.



  3. Melody SJAL Says:

    Very informative and interesting. Am turning 40 today, the 13th, wow!

  4. maria mills Says:

    Hey everyone,

    Another great LOCAL organic skincare company that is certififed is MADE FROM EARTH. I have been using their products for the last 6 months – and now stopped!! Because my skin has naturally improved itself and I have seen a real decline in the amount of wrinkles on the side of my eyes. I would recommend the “VITAMIN ENHANCED FACE FIRMING SERUM”. This is the cream I only used for 6 months and now stopped because it naturally has improved my owns skins ability to heal itsefl and become firmer.

    As a body lotion, I use the HONEY HONEY cream. Smells like honey. Definitely check them out and they are way better priced than most organic skin care lines. . .the website is

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