Bangles, Sex and Indian Women

November 29, 2009 by thresiapaulose  
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Bangles, in India, are now in a new, chic avatar. They add a fresh appeal to sex. Bangles have always been one of the accessories that Indian females just cannot do without.

Bangles are a symbol of Indian femininity. But now they are worn all over the world by women who intend to look charming and beautiful. They are worn by women of all age groups. In South Asian countries like India and Pakistan, bangles with elegant designs and eye catching carvings are worn on every special occasion religious, social and cultural.

Sex, Bangles and Rituals

Bangles stand for the marital relationship of a woman. During an Indian wedding, the bride tries to wear the smallest glass bangles using scented oil with the help of her best friend or sister. It’s believed that smaller bangles symbolize a happy and loving marriage and a wonderful courtship. The South Indian ceremony called Valaikaapu (bangle ceremony) occurs during the seventh month of a woman’s pregnancy. The family celebrates, and bangles of all colors and designs are stacked on the woman’s wrists which means she carries all the love of her husband along with her while going to her mother’s house. Another factor about the bangles is that it is considered inauspicious for a woman to have bare arms without bangles. To the Hindu woman, bangle is not only an ornament, but also an important part of womanhood and honor. That is the reason why bangles are removed from her hands, by a ritual, when a woman becomes a widow.

Symbolic Meaning of Bangles

Bangles have a lot of symbolic meanings. Gold bangle represents the bride’s virginity, the romantic bond, or a husband’s wealth. The jingling musical sound from the bangles on the hands of the newly married woman is a tickling call to her husband. It is the silent laughter of the wedded girl that adds a special charm to her movements.

It is said that the different colors that a bangle is made of, has its own unique meaning, for example red showing energy, green reminding the wedding, yellow showing happiness, gold symbolizing fortune and so on. 

Sexy Appeal of the Bangles

Bangles make the wrists of women appear graceful and give an extra beauty element to their overall look. Whether worn as just one bangle or many, they surely do accentuate a woman’s outfit for sex appeal. These colorful, attractive bangles in bright shades and patterns attract the opposite sex easily. Bangles are colorful and beautiful accessory that enhance the beauty of women who wear them. Adorning both hands full of bangles is an important ritual of Indian marriage.

A Symbol of Changing Fashions

Although bangles had been religious, social and cultural symbols for a long time, today they have become the symbol of changing fashion. They are also highly popular in their various colors and designs adding to the growing fashion trend. Gone are the days when bangles had been used only in circular shape. Nowadays, they are made in various materials other than metal and glass and can be found in many shapes such as rectangular, round, oval, etc. Today, bangles are made from gold, silver, wood, ferrous metal, plastic, rubber and even glass. Women of India have popularized all over the world gold bangles studded with semi-precious gems, diamonds, or just plain bangles with pretty designs. These bangles easily range from being simple to intricate and are available everywhere in a wide range of designs to suit the budget of both rich and poor.  But, tradition still demands that Hindu women wear either gold or glass bangles during rituals and cultural activities.

Bangles Inevitable Ornament of  a Modern Girl

Bangles and Indian girls are intertwined. It has become a fashion to wear bangles matching to the color of the dress and other ornaments. Namitha, a college student from Chennai says, “The heavy plastic bangles are the hottest trend among our age group. They carry a certain outstanding attitude and make a bold style statement. Moreover, these single, large bangles are easier to put on than a number of ordinary ones.”

Bangles express the mood of the woman through their appearance and sound. Can we say bangles are the index of an Indian woman’s mood of sex?

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