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February 1, 2010 by totallytiffany  
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There are the divas of the world that don’t mind paying high prices for their beauty products. Then there are the beauties that are bargain hunters. Just follow the list below to become a bargain beauty shopper; you can look like you spent hundreds but keep your budget balanced.

One thing to remember is that there are many contents in your make-up bag that you can live without. Do you actually need 23 different lipsticks? You know you don’t use but two different ones anyway. Foundation makeup’s can go a really long way if you use less, and the best beauty advice is to apply sparingly. Make-up is to enhance your natural beauty, not cake it under layers of color.


Most make-up pros will agree that the eyes have it. We all know that without enough sleep you’re eyes will show it. If you haven’t had enough sleep here’s how to fake it—just brighten those tired eyes. One suggestion: pencil in some bright by adding white liner in the corners of those weary eyes. For under $20.00 you can purchase Stila Kajal EyeLiner in Pearl for only $18.00.


Another beauty bargain for the frugal beauty is mascara. Mascara’s make a definite impact in your beauty regime. Most make-up artists will suggest that all females indulge in this beauty eye enhancement. The fact is that to prevent any bacterial infection, the same mascara tube shouldn’t be used for any longer than three months. Why pay a lot for this product, when for around $12-15.00 you can purchase several different names you’ve heard of, such as Maybelline. Maybelline make-up is a high-end type product without the high-end price.


For puffy eyes you can try Skin Renew Anti-Pull Eye Roller. This amazing beauty perk only costs around $12.95 from Garnier Nutritioniste collection at most drug stores.


The really budget conscious diva can shop at Target for great beauty bargains. There you will find a cosmetic line from Sonia Kashuk. To moisturize lips with the added bonus of an SPF, the hydrating balm for lips is a find at only $7.49.


To really set those eyes off you want a foundation that has audience appeal for the decked-out divas among us. But you don’t want to break the bank. Choose Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Liquid make-up SPF 20 for less than $15.00. These foundation favorites are different tones and for different skin types. You will find the perfect one for your skin.


Other delightful beauty bargains for under $20.00 can be found from Avon. They must be doing something right to have been around for so long. Avon has plenty of beauty bargains and pretty perks, many times for just $5.00. They have eye shadows, eyeliners, foundations, blushers and brushes for under the $20.00 mark. Check it out if you’re looking for great beauty bargains.


Careful consideration should go into your make-up selection. But more expense is not always the answer. These beauty bargains can all be had within a budget for different skin types and tones. You can find them with SPF for the sun sensitive and hypo-allergenic formulas for other sensitivities. Just look for the bargains to be a bargain beauty diva.





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