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Which Archipelago Candles are the best and where can I buy them?

Archipelago candles are a unique to of botanical candle that is poured by hand. They are made with the finest soy wax, terrific fragrances and magnificent colors. They are made by in the Los Angeles and come in candles and archipelago diffusers. There are a variety of candles and diffusers on the market today and choosing the best one for you can be a bit confusing. Archipelago candles come in four main types: Botanicals, Excursion Soy Candles, Signature Collection and Private Reserve Soy Candles. These candles are designed on the basis of providing natural products to help persons unwind and relax.

Archipelago Botanicals

The botanicals brand are labeled AB and come in large and small sizes. They are designed to last approximately 90 hours. Customers who give archipelago candles reviews say that they are these candles are the best in terms of scent as they are mild and consistent. Unlike other scented candles such as voluspa candles that start strong and become non-existent or vice versa. The scent won’t become unbearable or give you a migraine. Each candle contains 50% soy wax and can be bought for your pampering or be a beautiful gift as they come in a stunning gift box. They come in a variety of scents such as eucalyptus and honeysuckle. The prices vary and can cost anywhere from $25 – $30, depending on where you make your purchase. They can be found on various websites such as,

Excursion Soy Candles

These candles got their names from some glamorous travel destinations. There is Fiji, Pacifica and Havana just to name a few. They are hand poured and made of the finest wax and soy and come with a lead free wick. These properties allow them to burn longer and more environmentally friendly. They are 6.5 oz. in weight and can burn up to 60 hours. The fragrance is a blend of concentrated essential oils and a mixture of spices such as persimmon, pomegranate and white nectarine. These produce a delightful aroma which fills your space without the heavy scent quality.

Private Reserve Candles

The private reserve collection is indeed something special. Their packaging alone sets them apart from the other collections. It’s bold, vibrant black candle holder with its graphic design prints echoes the brands LA origin. Each of the five fragrances in this collection has been hand-picked by each of the creators of the archipelago brand. They have very creative names such as Zest 54, Lust No. 83 and Stem No. 112. The candles are 8.64 oz. in weight and burn for 55 hours. Amazon has these candles for sale and prices range from $19.50 – $33.50.

Signature Archipelago Candles Collection

This collection has recently been receiving great reviews from its users. This could be due to the fact that their fragrances appeal to men as well. With scents like Bergamot Tobacco, these candles are sure to be a great gift to the men your lives and they will surely be appreciative. They come in 26 different scents which make sit easier to find the perfect one for yourself or a friend. They are available on Amazon for purchase and costs range from $20 – $27.50.

Archipelago candles are very economical and luxurious and are a great buy according to recent customer testimonials. 

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