A Romantic Day with a Girl

November 10, 2010 by sudhakara  
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You will feel it.

On that day I was feeling,am the most luckiest person on the world.

Its greenish..where ever I see am finding fresh greenary…small pink flowers…

and no peoples around except my sweet girl.

she is in pink t-shirt,dark blue jeans…

that was our first outing..

she hold my chin and said,”am your first girl right?”

i hold her palms softly and had a look into her eyes

and lied “yes you are my first”.

she took her eyes down…and said “you are cute boy ever i seen”,

and took my head on her both hand…

I was wondered,because I felt love for first

time eventhough i had 2 girl friends before.

I fluck a pink flower and moved around her face saying “i love you”

there was a beautifull butterfly flying from that flower to this flower…

and a black ant moving on a grass with food towrds its home…

my girl pointed to ant and said i want you to become like that ant

which cares his family rather than butterfly which moving around without AIM.

but now I am finding her like a BUTTERFLY.

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