A Gift to Treasure Always with a Childs Music Box

July 26, 2013 by adilkaya  
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Music boxes are associated with romance and nostalgia. A music box makes a lovely gift for a child to enjoy. Certainly, it is something they will treasure as they grow into adulthood.

What is stored in children’s music boxes?
Music boxes for babies may be used for storing keepsakes of those early months, such as a lock of hair or photographs of important milestones. Babies often receive jewellery such as bangles and they can also be kept in the music box. As the baby grows into an infant, they may use a music box for necklaces, hairclips or collections of marbles. Anything small which needs a safe place to be stored can be kept in a music box. If there is a key, there is also a feeling of storing hidden treasure. As a sophisticated teenager, there may be a request for something more fashionable and the old music box may be pushed to the back of a wardrobe, but the day will come when it is found and restored to a prominent position in the bedroom. Then it may once again store memories of childhood. It may be that the music box is passed on to children or to grandchildren down the generations for their own use, or it could be kept and enjoyed by the original owner into their advanced years.

Children’s music boxes come with a range of music, from popular tunes such as ‘Talk to the Animals’ and ‘Some Day, My Prince will Come’ to the more traditional Brahms lullaby or music from Swan Lake. It is possible to find music boxes with scenes from a ballet painted on the outside of the box and music from the same ballet played when the box is wound up.

Music boxes for babies
There are lovely music boxes which make gifts for a christening or a first birthday or Christmas. These are often in pastel pink or blue with nursery rhyme type figures on the lid. As the baby grows into a toddler, they will learn to wind up the music box themselves and enjoy making the music play and the figures on the lid twirl.

Music boxes for children
There are many music boxes suitable for young children. Loved by little girls, there are traditional boxes which open to reveal a twirling, tutu clad ballerina. Many of these boxes are designed with one or more drawers to store an assortment of jewellery such as rings, bracelets and hair slides. Traditionally, they have a mirror on the inside of the lid and also trays inside for storage. Whilst some boys may enjoy ballet music boxes (remember Billy Elliot), there are also boxes decorated with designs such as jungle scenes or sea life. Another popular style for young children is music boxes with an old style carousel on the lid.

There are many styles of children’s music boxes to choose from, but they all have something special that will give pleasure for years to come.


Rebecca Jones writes for several websites and blogs on gifts for children. She has a large extended family and has enjoyed choosing childrens music boxes over the years for her own children, nephews and nieces.

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