A Diamond in the Rough

December 7, 2008 by Joce Boldi  
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Why go out in the cold to do your Christmas shopping, these ladies are the best!

During this Christmas shopping season, I dread going out in the very cold weather. I can’t stand finally getting to our destination and walking aimlessly around the stores wondering if so and so will like “this“. Standing in line for what seems like an eternity just to get a couple things. Not to mention paying the babysitter an hourly rate just to get frustrated by all the scrooges in the store.

So after browsing the internet for a while in my comfortable home, in my pajamas and not being crowded. I decided I was going to do some online shopping. I figure the money I have to use to pay a babysitter will just be the shipping charges.

Well, during my internet shopping spree I came to this “Work At Home Mom” site. These mom’s have some of the coolest things. You get better than the store quality. Super fast shipping and personal care and attention in everything they make. Plus everything is so durable.

One mom has a site called Zing Slings, that sells slings to carry your baby in. I wish I would of found her when I had my twins, but she does sell diaper bags, doll slings and a lot of other cool stuff. I of course bought a doll sling for each of my girls and a messenger bag with my husbands band name embroidered on it, to carry all of his strings, cords and things. When the package arrived less then a week I was surprised. The messenger bag took a little bit longer because of the personalization embroidered on it. Then after I opened it, I was VERY surprised. Everything was perfect! The bag was very durable, the embroidery stitching was flawless and the doll slings were the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Then I found another mom with a tart business. She’s called, The Melting Pot Candle Company. I was a little wary of ordering candles from a work at home mom, thinking, “I’m sure the sent won’t last long.” So I gave it a shot anyway, her prices we just insanely low! Once again, shipping in less than a week. I could smell the tarts before I even opened the box. My mail man wrote down the name of her business so he could order! I couldn’t resist, I had to put one in my tart burner. I will never buy candles from another company again! These tarts last so long. The scent is not to powerful and she has so many to choose from, (pink sugar is my favorite).

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2 Responses to “A Diamond in the Rough”
  1. Lauren Axelrod Says:

    Wow, thanks for this. This gives me more options. Your the best!

  2. Jennifer Medley Says:

    I enjoyed reading your article!

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