You, Your Partner and Their Xbox

October 12, 2011 by siennakessler1  
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The downfalls of dating a gamer.

       We all know them, the person who is committed more to their Xbox or PS3 then they are to you. I know how you feel, I have a boyfriend of a year that and I’m lucky if he doesn’t start talking about Call of Duty or Minecraft (speaking of which, does anyone even know what in the world that is? I would love to know!) while I’m on the phone with him. Now, don’t think I’m pinning this all on the male population here, I am highly aware of females being just as bad!

All you want is a little attention, a small bit of intellectual conversation from the other person in the relationship. Sure, if you are both really big gamers you are probably thrilled to find someone like you and I am quite happy for you if you have been that lucky! Now with the rest of us who aren’t big gamers but are with someone who is, we’ve all heard the joke, “A guy truly loves you if he texts you while playing Call of Duty…no just kidding he died.” Yea, haha. Very funny until it actually happens to you, where you’ll get an “Ok” or a smiley face every 20 minutes or so.

It hurts a lot, to think that you, a human being with a heart and feelings are being put in second place to a machine filled with blood, gore, and violence, when it’s all nothing but a fantasy world that will never be true no matter how high a level you may get to or what your kill streak was in COD. While the games are fun and stress relievers, what are they really doing? What are they doing to really make themselves happy? Couldn’t they go out with friends? Find something to do? Even if they can’t hang out, can’t they read a book and expand their minds so they are better at problem-solving?

For the six hours a day a person can spend in front of a computer or television screen, they could be out helping a community or meeting someone new at a mall that can turn into a lifelong friendship. I love to play video games, and I understand others that do, but don’t you think for the six hours you play you could shorten it to maybe two hours a day? It gives you plenty of time to play, but for those extra four hours you could fine other amazing things you can do or other things you are interested in. You could find a new hobby that you just love to do and spend time on.

I used to sit in front of a television several hours a day, but then I found I love dancing when I went with a friend to a local studio. I am now very healthy from dancing daily and spend less and less time in front of a screen. Writing this article is probably the longest time in front of a screen I’ve spent in a long time. I would love if you would comment and give me your own opinions on the subject. Please be kind, I did not mean to insult anyone. This is just something I have faced and have been hurt by and I just want opinions. Thank you.

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  1. Missionary105 Says:

    Ummm….. Sienna that’s why I stopped, just a little disrespectful on your part. I haven’t been playing Xbox cuz it pisses you off….. I seriously havent played in a long time and that hurts cuz I haven’t been and it seems like you just tried to make me feel like crap posting it…. I love you but that hurts…

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