Why Women Never Forget a First Love

September 24, 2010 by Adrn0919  
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Why do women hang on to the memory of a first love. Are there any benefits to doing so?

How is it women can get married, have families, and go on with their life but never forget their first love? A song, place, or smell may bring back the thoughts associated with the first love of their life. Years, even decades may have gone by but you can still see the image of their face when you first met.

Why Women Never Forget

It doesn’t matter at what age you first encountered love, as a teenager or mature adult, the feelings you experienced when you knew it was love will stay with you. You radiated whenever his name was mentioned. You walked around with a feeling of euphoria, all was right with the world. This was the person you intended to spend the rest of your life with, at least at that moment of first love. Do women hang on to the thought of their first love because of the good feelings it brings them? Is this especially true when one is enduring a bad marriage or relationship?

Yes, there are many unspoken reasons why a women doesn’t forget their first love. Those reasons may be emotional or physical. A first love is the person you choose to experience new things with either emotional or physical, and many times both. It could be women never want to forget their first love because of the feelings of confidence the love may have provided, independence, security. While experiencing first love you may have felt you could accomplish anything and you want to relive those feelings. So why not hold on to the memories of a first love?

Holding Fast to Memories

Years may have come and gone, and the memory of your first love is still vivid. But why? Can you recall any bad times during your first love relationship? Can you think of anything negative at all regarding your first love? Probably not. When it comes to thinking about a first love all that is remembered is the romance. Your memories do not allow a bad thought to enter your mind regarding him. That is why when we are faced with the end of a relationship we fall back on the memories of that first love. Or maybe you are in between romances and dwelling on the memories of your first love to give you hope in finding a future love. This could be another reason why women do not forget their first love. It gives them an anchor to help them emotionally get pass times when they are feeling lonely.

Why do women never forget their first love?The answer to that question is varied depending on which women you ask. If you do ask, regardless of their age, they will gladly tell you with a smile at the remembrance of their first love.

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7 Responses to “Why Women Never Forget a First Love”
  1. Ethics0006 Says:

    Good Post

  2. Sunjhini Says:

    its very difficult to let go of memories…
    nice share

  3. J M Lennox Says:

    A very interesting article. I remember my first love because it was pure, sweet, untainted. The reality of life, unfortunately, took away that innocence, although inevitable. I enjoyed this article very much. Thank you.

  4. Val Mills Says:

    Wonderful, you’ve taken me down memory lane. He’s dead now, died in a plane crash, but I can still recall the smell of Old Spice after shave :-)

  5. Corey Says:

    Obviously if your “first” love was so great than why didn’t it work out. To hold on to memories about a past romance while your with someone else is selfish and wrong. This is probably why women sneaky and flighty. I am male and personally I can’t remember my first kiss, love, lay and I believe that is how it should be, because I can start every relationship like it is my first. I can make the current person most important in my life, rather living in the past. Grow up


    If this article is true

    I can assume that she will never forget me in her life

    I will always stay in her heart. and if this will happen, i thank to god for giving me a sweetheart with whom i had spend 8 yrs of my life. may god bless her with love and peace.

  7. Craig Foster Says:

    I ran into the parents of my high school sweetheart a couple of weeks back. Her mom hugged me tightly and the very first thing she said to me was that Karen has always said over the years that I was her nicest boyfriend. I hope that means she has thought of me over the years as often as I have thought of her. It is true what they say. A man never forgets his first love.

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