Why I Stole My Bestfriend’s Boyfriend

July 16, 2011 by Victoria Dominique Nyirongo  
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I always thought girls who took thier friend or better yet bestfriend’s boyfriend where on the highest level of the bitch scale till I found myself being one.

I met Hailey when we moved from California to New Jersey when we were eight years old. Hailey’s mom 9who lived right across the street from us) was throwing her a birthday party next day which was a Saturday and she invited my mom and asked her to bring me. From the moment we met, we knew we would end up being the best of friends (we were both wearing matching Backstreet Boys t-shirts).

From that moment on, we were inseparable. We went to the same school, sat in the same class and were ever together. When i was twelve years old, the cutest boy in our class asked me out (for ice cream with his older brother driving us) and that was the moment we discovered boys. Hailey has always been more reserved while i have always been more out going and loved the attention. Hailey had two older brothers and an older sister while i was an only child and was used to getting my way both from my mom and dad . Even at school i was very popular both with the teachers and the kids at school. I even got asked out by a senior when i was in the ninth grade which made my popularity sky rocket and i wont lie, i enjoyed every minute of it!

And so it came as a shock when Hailey and i were hanging out at the mall buying some jeans for our friend Kayla’s party when she asked me whether i thought she should wear a dress to impress Carl. The shock was mainly because it never even crossed my mind that she even noticed there was a Carl in tenth grade chemistry let alone the fact that she was interestedin him. Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with Carl except the fact that we just didn’t hang out with the same group of people. I was never one of those mean girls who snubbed people just because they didn’t hang out with us, i just didn’t see how we could mix together, what we would have to talk about…that kind of thing. Carl was one of those intensely quiet guys who came from a really rich family (he had a chauffeured car drop him and pick him up after school) and was into art and poetry. He was sorta cute if you were into tall skinny guys with long shaggy blond hair. Shrugging past my surprise, i mumbled something non-committal and continued shopping.

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