Why Does Woman Hesitate to Express Her Feeling?

June 6, 2011 by Beecansee25  
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Most of woman found difficult to express their feeling of love …..

Love is the noblest  emotions  and best feelings that affect our lives  and leave wonderful influence in our souls that  do not die throughout our lives Even if we  passed a painful experience of love
The memory of love within us will  never go away But keep in our heart and mind where the mind is the source of love and the main engine of emotions with its interaction in heart appear in our love towards the other party

Although women are more romantic than men, but they find so difficult to express their  feelings easily, sometimes resort to the expression indirectly or leave depending on the circumstances.

While men know how  to express their feelings not because of  their  romantic  but their  search for sex only ,Where he quickly introduced his feelings quickly in the form of the word “Love” . That to say to women that  he plays on the strings of the heart and emotions so as to obtain what he wants

Women offer sex for because they  looking for love and sincere feelings that shack every parts of their  body and search for stable relationships not temporary unlike the man who needs to establish a relationship to feel the romance.

So when the woman find the honest feeling from man not usage of her nature that will give her the encourage to show feeling freely without hesitation  …

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5 Responses to “Why Does Woman Hesitate to Express Her Feeling?”
  1. Aiyanna Says:

    While, I am a person who loves stable relationships, physical commitments is something I would never get into unless it is something that I am thoroughly sure that is the ONE for the keeping… I married the man I fell in love with, yes, he was my first love, things didn’t work out but I am not looking around for anyone else, as I personally content with what I have, although, I want to be loved.
    For me friendship means a lot but that said, it is hard to find friends that you could trust totally. Luckily I am blessed with them, including you… :-)

  2. mikky webs Says:

    Thanks for putting down this wonderful share. I did find joy reading it. Friendship is all about tolerant and commitment.

  3. Beecansee25 Says:

    Thank you @Aiyanna for nice words , i agree with you that find a true friendship so hard especially nowadays , i pleasure your friendship and so lucky to meet you….:)

  4. Beecansee25 Says:

    Thank you @Michael , and i believe that A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be… Reagards

  5. Ike Anggorowati Says:

    interesting articles

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