Why Do Relationships And Marriages Fail? Top 15 Reasons

January 31, 2011 by vijayanths  
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Love makes the world beautiful and gives meaning to human life. Every man and woman longs to be loved. A relationship always starts off so well but after a period of time, it fails miserably. They may be still living together for some reason or other but it is not a successful relationship altogether. Why do relationships fail? What are the main reasons for relationships to fail? Please read more….

1.Choosing the wrong partner: You should never choose your partner in a hurry. Love at first sight may prove good only for a very few people. Love at first sight most often proves to be lust and not love.  Therefore, you have to choose the right partner without haste.  Before choosing your right partner,  you need to know what exactly you want in your partner? What are your goals? Your interests? How you want to live and enjoy life? What are his/her goals and interests? Do you  know what does your partner want from you? You should know their goals, interests, ambitions etc.  Long story short, you should check whether you are compatible with your potential partner or not.

2. Entering into a relationship with a wrong attitude: These days most couples enter into a relationship expecting it to last for a few years and not for the lifetime. They don’t seem to have the ’strong desire’ to make the relationship to last for ever.  Have you ever thought why in India, most relationships are successful and last lifelong? They enter into a marriage with a strong belief that it is a permanent bond between the man and woman. They never ever think of getting separated, whatever difficulties they may face in their married life. So, therefore the  lack of the strong desire to make the relationship last for lifetime is one of the biggest reasons for a relationship to fail. To put it in a simpler way, enter into a relationships with the right attitude that it’s a permanent affair whatsoever.

3. Fail to keep the attraction levels high: During the initial period of a relationship both the man and the woman take great efforts to attract each other. But when they start living together, they take their partners for granted. May be, they think, they have already won the race and there is nothing more to achieve. But the fact of the matter is, you should remain attractive to your partner till the end. So even when you are living together, keep the attraction levels high always.

4. Lack of trust: Trust plays a big role in a relationship. If you are always suspicious about your partner, the relationship will become weaker and weaker over time and break up one day.

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57 Responses to “Why Do Relationships And Marriages Fail? Top 15 Reasons”
  1. Christine Ramsay Says:

    This is so true, but it is difficult to keep up with all these things in a relationship. They have to come naturally.


  2. vijayanths Says:

    well said, Christine Ramsay , some people are naturally having these qualities. They are blessed.LOL.

  3. Agasthya Says:

    I agree with all your points. Relationship is very complicated and fragile. No relationship is perfect, we have to put an extra effort to let it grow and survive.

  4. vijayanths Says:

    very well said Agasthya , thanks.

  5. guraynsj Says:

    Very informative and useful stuff.

  6. anndavey650 Says:

    It’s amazing any relationships work isn’t it? *Grins* Fantastic post, keep up the hard work!

  7. vijayanths Says:

    hi, guraynsj thanks for your response.

  8. vijayanths Says:

    hi, anndavey650, thanks for the response.

  9. CHIPMUNK Says:

    well informed

  10. papaleng Says:

    I agree these tips will help one attain good long relationships, but it is easier than done. Why? Because of Pride.

  11. vijayanths Says:

    Thanks CHIPMUNK for your comment.

  12. Cinders Says:

    Good advice and very well written, many thanks.

  13. vijayanths Says:

    well said, papleng, pride is the biggest killer of relationship.

  14. vijayanths Says:

    thanks Cinders for your response.

  15. solidadah Says:

    yeah.. right..

  16. vijayanths Says:

    thanks solidadah for the response.

  17. The Quail 1957 Says:

    Awesome share These tips should help those seeking a long relationship.

  18. Wizard Brown Says:

    wow, that is quite a list. All really good points. Relationships are hard work, but worth it

  19. Linvio Says:

    so true. so very true. i do not know what else you don’t mention here.
    Bad thing is I am quite guilty at some of those. grrrr…

  20. vijayanths Says:

    hi, The Quail 1957 , thanks for the response.

  21. vijayanths Says:

    yes, Wizard Brown it is hard work but worth as you said, thanks.

  22. vijayanths Says:

    hi, Franklin, same with me too.grrrrrrrrrrr,lol.

  23. robertito Says:

    its hard work and difficult make a relationship work but is ones of the most beutiful things, be in love

  24. Hendrik Says:


  25. vijayanths Says:

    hi, robertito thanks for the response.

  26. vijayanths Says:

    thanks Hendrik for your comment.

  27. sunnykumar786 Says:

    great share


  28. jemialbert Says:

    nice share

  29. vijayanths Says:

    thank you sunnykumar786 for the comment.

  30. vijayanths Says:

    hi, jemialbert thanks for the response.

  31. rgjimenez Says:

    Agree!! good share.

  32. LJ Spain Says:

    I really enjoyed this article. Thanks so much.

  33. GameLive Says:

    nice to know about these

  34. vijayanths Says:

    thanks rgjimenez for your response.

  35. vijayanths Says:

    hi, LJ Spain thanks for responding.

  36. vijayanths Says:

    hi, mohammednihal96 , thanks for responding.

  37. wonder Says:

    Ego comes in between, we should learn to manage it—not easy.An excellent post.

  38. vijayanths Says:

    yes, wonder, ego is a big reason for break up in a relationship, thanks.

  39. chandru Says:

    hey great one yaar…..
    Nice artilce..

  40. vijayanths Says:

    thanks chandru for the comment.

  41. wizgem8 Says:

    Nice article, very relevant and interesting.

  42. vijayanths Says:

    thanks wizgem8 for your compliment.

  43. ganesh Says:

    Great Article. Full marks to you vijayanth.

  44. vijayanths Says:

    Thanks ganesh for your comment.

  45. Linvio Says:

    i totally agree.

  46. Lakshmi Says:

    Fantastic article. Good work.

  47. vijayanths Says:

    Thanks Lakshmi for your response.

  48. vasunthara Says:

    Great article.

  49. vijayanths Says:

    hi, jemialbert, thanks for the response.

  50. vijayanths Says:

    Thanks Franklin for your comment.

  51. Rinoa Says:

    =( may be that explains why i havent found the right one… ?

  52. vijayanths Says:

    Good luck Rinoa for finding the right one soon.

  53. Anuprita Says:

    Thanks for sharing

  54. Babu Says:

    Fantastic article Vijayanth.

  55. CletaB Says:

    Excellent article.

  56. leno Says:

    nice article. well composed and written. I also loved your article on how to make $100 monthly on triond. nice share

  57. Deb f Says:

    I have worked on my relationship, but he has not, I have forgiven for affair(s), fraudulent checks, lieing, domestic violence, being ignored, snapped at yelled at. and so much more. you can only forgive so much and be treated disrespectfully so many times. His attitude has made him go through over 35 jobs in 20 years, because of his attitude(that he says he does not have), he says he does not care, that people need to get over it.

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