When He Cheats: Don’t Bother Trying to Find Out What The Other Woman Looks Like

August 18, 2010 by Jimmy Shilaho  
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Women try as much as possible to find out what the other woman looks like, some worry about it all night long while others when cheated upon try to scratch the other woman’s face or scald it in a bid to stop their man’s cheating. Wrong, cheating has very little to do with looks. Men may be attracted or distracted by very many other factors other than looks.

When women become victims of cheating, the first thing they think of is getting to know what the other woman looks like. Many have been in this position before and even wondered what their hubby or boyfriend saw in the other woman. Well, looks have very little to do with cheating.

Angelina Jolie looks can not prevent your man from cheating on you

A man will cheat on you whether you have Angelina Jolie looks or not, a man will still cheat on you whether you look like a hot model or not, simply because looks are not everything. Your looks may determine the number of dates you get, your looks may determine your attraction of a man but when it comes to keeping a man, holding onto him or having a lasting relationship, looks come a cropper.

Do not scratch her face or pour hot water on her for your man will love her even more

When he cheats on you, don’t bother looking for the other woman, don’t bother attempting to scratch her face or pour hot water on her face thinking it is what stole your man away from you. First, this reaction may earn you a jail sentence. Second, your man may actually love her even more when she is scalded as a result of your actions!

Support your man and invite the other woman to share your man!

Instead of fighting for the good for nothing man, simply support your man’s decision to cheat, admit that you haven’t been very good to him and deserved to be cheated on. Invite the other woman into sharing your man. In the few cases I have known in which the victim did this, guilt ended the cheating and brought the estranged partners together.

Women love the idea of hurting each other and knowing it

Reacting violently only helps to fuel the relationship for women love the idea of hurting each other, they like the idea of not only having succeeded in getting another woman’s husband or boyfriend but also fueling anger and hatred that boils down to unnecessary cat fights! Prevent this by acting maturely.

Ignore them as much as you can

The least you should do is ignore them. Yes, you heard me, the least you should do is to ignore the love birds, but at least make sure they know that you know but seem not to care. The guilt of being ignored may actually make them taunt you even more, but it may also make them realize that it won’t work!

Looks are not everything

While it is important for a woman not to neglect her looks, looking your best alone, remaining beautiful all the time may not guarantee you a happy relationship. Get to know things that appeal to your loved one, get to know what holds the two of you together, and work on those and don’t bank on your hot looks. The other woman may have the appearance of your inner sole but……

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21 Responses to “When He Cheats: Don’t Bother Trying to Find Out What The Other Woman Looks Like”
  1. webseowriters Says:

    Absolutely right

  2. LoveDoctor Says:

    Awesome advice Doc. This is a must read for every woman. From a female point of view, the best thing to do when a man is no longer in love with you is to walk away.

  3. Sourav Says:

    Okay… seems good advice for women!

  4. Raj the Tora Says:

    well writen on the sensitive topic.

  5. Jo N Says:

    lol. i always think even when they don’t cheat! it’s natural!!!

  6. Inxxu Says:

    Very good points! I know this case when woman invited this other woman to visit and they became friends…cheating man was the one who left…but friendship between these two women stayed. Irony of fate!! :)

  7. giftarist Says:

    Good insight here, friend.

  8. Tulan Says:

    It’s weird to me to see a man cheat on a beautiful wife with a fat ugly woman. I don’t understand the reasoning.

  9. Emmie Says:

    Well written LEO, and i totally agree.


  10. Sharif Ishnin Says:

    Interesting take on the subject.

  11. shivanipearl Says:

    I don’t agree with the title,Leo .Many times it helps to look at the face of the other woman to find out what is it that you don’t have .Why shy away from taking a look and facing it.One may feel much better after havinga look and also the other woman may bbe better looking and that could be what attracted the man.What ever it is it is better to face it and then walk away.After all you have to also find another man to be happy once again.

  12. gaby7 Says:

    Cheating is the weakest spot of manhood! A man is born a cheat and there is really nothing women can do about it-but in the heat of cheating, men know they are guilty, so cheating will always be something done clandestinely and it is not going away any soon!

  13. Temjen Imchen Says:

    Some useful advice especially for women. Sounds good but i wonder if the woman can follow and put into use the third point!

  14. Starpisces Says:

    Maybe should find out who’s the person, in case she’s someone very close to me and I don’t know still treat her as my best friend. For me, I will see how she look like. If better than me, I will be very angry, so she’s better than me, that’s why he’s with her. If I’m better than her, I will be very angry also, as I’m better yet he’s with her. Contradicting me.
    Thanks Shilaho for writing this, for us to think…

  15. Phoenix Montoya Says:

    These are good advices. Hopefully, my hun wouldn’t do that :)

  16. Likha Says:

    Oh this has happened. I just let go, focused on the kids and my husband came back in a flash. Thanks for tackling this painful subject on cheats.

  17. Atanacio Says:

    another good entry Leo

  18. Ruby Hawk Says:

    I would be curious.

  19. Michal Dorcak Says:

    Very nice, looks indeed aren’t everything.

  20. Melinda J Says:

    Interesting article. You gave me something to think about as a woman.

  21. yes me Says:


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