What Men Do When They are Tired in a Relationship

July 29, 2010 by machoo6b  
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Hear it and hear it well ladies. Don’t just take them as mere reasons when you see them in your men. They are the most common and obvious signs men portray when they are fed up in relationships.

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Hear it and hear it well ladies. Don’t just take them as mere reasons when you see them in your men. They are the most common and obvious signs men portray when they are fed up in relationships.

First, they always came home late from work, either complaining of working late in office, or being held by traffic jams on their way back. This is usually a sudden change. It did not start when you married newly or began the relationship. If your man is the sort that you are sure doesn’t have any business working late in office, and all of a sudden you began to hear this reason from him as his reason of coming home late, just know that he is drifting away. No man will have a lady that is dear to him at home and come home late from work often and feel happy about it without trying to do something.

And closely following the above is this second one. Men that are tired in relationships always have a reason of not sharing their nights with their spouses. There is always a very good reason for them to avoid love making every night. If they are not tired, they are on drugs, or they will find a flimsy reason to be unhappy so that their partners will not have the boldness to ask them for love. And when they make love at all, it is always very short or without sweet words.

Number three, men that are tired in relationships choose as priority things like watching movies, playing games, attending functions, etc, ahead of spending times with their spouses. Things like this always take them away from home; away from their hated spouses. And they will be ready to die with anybody that will tell them that they are doing wrong thing.

Number four, when a man easily forgets to wear his wedding ring while going out, or complains of the tightness of the ring on his finger as his reason of not wearing it, don’t take him serious. He is after other women outside and would not want to be known as a married man outside through that ring. That is another sign men show when they are tired in a relationship.

Number five. When you go out with your man next time, check out the manner of gaze he gives other women around. If it is romantic, I guess you don’t need me to tell you that your love is in a bad state and can break up anytime. Men that are tired in love are always easily attracted or seduced by other women. You notice it from the way their eyes move in the direction of women in the public. That is a dangerous sign.

Number Six. When you find it difficult to impress your man with your body, and you know there is nothing bad about your body, but your man has just refused to be enticed by what he hitherto craves for, sorry girl, your love is about to hit the rock. You’ve just lost ground to another woman.

Number Seven. When your man picks serious offence just because you operated his cell phone, know for sure there is a cockroach in the cupboard. It is not approved to nose in your partner’s certain private affairs anyway, but that should not be enough for a man to threaten hell against a woman when it happens. A man that does that has something he is hiding, and it is not a good sign for a healthy relationship; period.

All these usually appear first in suffering relationship on the side of men, and any woman that is observant will surely see them on their way coming. It may not be serial as I had enumerated them any way, or they may not be complete. But every suffering relationship must come with any or all of these signs in men before it will thereafter break up.

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