What Do Men Really Think About a Woman’s Lingerie!

January 22, 2010 by ganeshgolha  
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This article shares some views that what do men really think about a woman’s lingerie.

Lacy or plain? White or colored? Satin or cotton? What do men really think about a woman’s lingerie? Abhijit Dutta has some very curious conversations on the subject. ..

If you thought men loved talking about women, try getting them to stop about lingerie. Some gush, some turn it into the butt (breast?) of all sex jokes, some gravely put forth on the cause and effects involved, some pontificate on the philosophy, and some, like yours truly, note it all down. Here is a peek.


Most guys have very limited knowledge of lingerie. Whatever little they know, is straight out of Hollywood flicks or porn magazines. As a result, lingerie, for most, is what centre spread models and Hollywood stars don on screen. “It’s got to be black and it’s got to be lace,” says Siddharth emphatically, bringing his beer mug down with a dull thud. Ravi disagrees, “I like to fool around. You know like the play bunny stuff. Pink and fluffy and cute.”

“That’s so tacky. And anyways bunnies are fun only if you are 76 and own them,” pipes in Jayesh. I ask him what he thinks of women’s lingerie. “Well, for me lingerie is definitive of the woman. I think what and how a woman dresses inside is very revealing of her attitudes and values in life. I think you can understand a woman better through her brassieres and her panties … For example, if a woman is wearing a white cotton bra with a black sequined thong, I would say stay away. She is the kind who cleans the mess in .the room by stuffing everything in the cupboard. On the other hand, if she is wearing just a thong, you have a straightforward girl who will take you on in anything you want.” Rushit likes keeping it simple. He follows Dorothy Parker’s dictum of ‘brevity is the soul of lingerie’.

To each his own…



Later, I talk to Rishi. Rishi is 40, and he has been around, seen more, if you know what I mean. “I think lingerie has been instrumental in keeping my marriage fresh,” he declares. “We shop for her lingerie together. A sheer negligee with a short silk chemise underneath is an all-time favorite. The black, lacy stuff has become regular. The practical is out. At least I don’t get to see it!”

This seems to be the case across ages. There are almost no takers for practical innerwear. The good old white cotton bra and panties that are there for support seem to have been disgraced in these times of constant sensuality. “The practical stuff is a real turn-off. I am sure she wears it for convenience but I would much rather think of a woman in strapless, silky stuff,” says Atul.


Rana prefers it the old-world way. Not quite counting the daisies but he likes “the pretty stuff.” He believes it is the tease of revealing yet concealing that creates the sexual tension. It’s no fun if you give it all away. The eroticism lies in the promise. “I like full bodied corsets and basques that tempt you with form but don’t expose. The entire process of getting the garment off and finally having access is foreplay I wouldn’t give up on,” he says.

Himanshu agrees. Though he is not into the classic stuff, he likes the tease of a not-too-revealing piece of lingerie. “A translucent, sheer bodysuit with detailed neck and cuffs with a thong-styled back would be nice …” he trails off, the smile suggesting that he is recalling it from memory. Mayank likes the popular stuff. Naughty but not kinky. His favorites include under ­wired bras, the demi-cups that allow a nicer peek and feel, silk teddies, short nightdresses. “It’s not just about me. She should be comfortable. I just wanna have fun,” he grins. And that’s what it is all about. Boys just wanna have fun. The rest is just detail.

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