Understanding The Secret Meanings of Men’s Kissing

May 11, 2011 by wikuowen  
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Some types of kisses that often times the he embarked on you, it has special meaning. What couples want to say through these kisses? Here goes the answer.

Beginner’s kiss

We all know what type of kiss is this one, right? When the couple so love your body, so be prepared for a little groped. This method is a simple meeting to held it in your soft lips. He just has to get used to so that you can love it.

Sensual kiss

Soft, sensual, and slow when mutual “crush” the lips can be a powerful weapon to stimulate a woman. If while kissing, hand him the look will explore all parts of your body. This has meant that the couple would like you to know that he was in the mood for sex.

Sip kiss

Kiss this one is truly unique. The reason is, when he was enjoying his drink. At the same time, he also asks you to kiss. Taste of your lips and the sensation of being diteguknya drinks into its own blend of exhilarating. No wonder if you can get horny if couples do this one kiss.

Talking kiss

When kissing, the couple will continue to whisper naughty words near the ear and lip area. In other words, the couple tried to tell you that he really was feeling romantic and try to make your mood feel the same.

Teaser kiss

If couples often do this before having sex, then he was already well aware of what makes Miss V you “helpless”. Kiss this one, supposedly designed to make women turn men on.

Usually, he’ll start by biting her partner’s ear. Then continue to “enjoy” the face and hands while whispering light. He will explore forearm, and a touch of even a kiss on the neck, then down at the cleavage, until finally enjoy breast partner.

In fact, most men would kiss their partner throughout the body, to make her partner wants more sex session again.

Aggressive-buzzing kiss

He will take your face and attack with rough kisses. Indeed, this kiss is designed to make women become “wild” at once. So, when he was giving a kiss in haste, “wild” and like want to eat your lips. That’s a sign he was so anxious to continue the sessions into a more intimate relationship

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