Top Five Things to Do to Attract Your Husband

September 18, 2008 by gemini3  
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Attraction is the name of the game! Ladies, this one is for you. I will get to the guys on my next one, have fun.

Men! They get caught up in their everyday lives; work, friends, football games, friends, meetings, friends. You get the point.  Sometimes they need a little help focusing on what’s most important to them…their wife or girlfriend.  Who else is going to make them happy when they need to be happy the most? Follow these top 5 things to do to attract his attention back on YOU!

  1. Feel beautiful all the time!! No matter how fat or thin you feel you are, if you feel beautiful, you will BE beautiful.  That awesome feeling of confidence will show through and make you even more appealing.
  2. Be very spontaneous! Your man will love the fact that the “same old routine” has been broken and that something new is about to happen and he doesn’t have a clue as to what it is.
  3. Set up a date night without him knowing and completely surprise him wearing something sexy and completely and I do mean COMPLETELY out of the ordinary.  If you never wear something sexy, black, and lacey with stilettos, then on date night wear the sexiest black lacey little thing you can find and pair it up with some cool stilettos.  Please don’t feel that you are not in shape to wear something like this. He will be soooo pleased and surprised that he won’t care about anything else except what you are doing to him. 
  4. Never feel embarrassed because of what you are doing.  Many men are tired of their wives or girlfriends always wearing the “same ol’ thing” and going to the “same ol’ place” for dinner.  Spice your life up a little.  Be very uninhibited and try something new.  Remember, this is your relationship and you need to work at making it awesome.  Just go out and do it!
  5. Keep your focus on him (and on him only )and he will be attracted to you because men love attention and thrive with it. He will treat you like a queen and want to make you happy if he sees that he is your main focus. 

Wow! I can feel all the attraction back on you already.  Keep up the good work and don’t forget to feel beautiful, be spontaneous, uninhibited and sexy, and focus on your man!

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