Three Odd Signs That He Likes You

May 14, 2011 by bigeyesgirl  
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Here are three obvious but odd things which show that he likes you. If you see them in him, the things are surely evolving in a positive way.

First of all: on the first dates, you will surely go to the restaurant with him and try to read his qualities by his order and behaviour. We all know that guys may have strange tastes in what concerns food, but if he orders a stake, than he surely wants to impress you. They don’t order the plate that they really love, because thay don’t want to scare you, and that’s a smart move. How would you react to see him eat at the restaurant something like frog legs with cheese sauce or pasta with meatballs and a lot of onion? You wouldn’t be so impressed and the results of the date would fall down. So, the important thing it is not that he orders something that he generally doesn’t eat much, but the fact that impressing you is important for him.

Second: The scientists of the California University from Riverside have discovered that in time, people start talking like each other. From inside out it cames a wish of the other of wanting to be like you, to be more appropriate for you. If he uncounsciesly starts to use little words like: “whatever”; “long time ago”, ” in fact”, “anyway”, or any other word that you use, and he didn’t use to say it that much, it’s a good sign. Inside him, something changes and becomes more like you, for you.

Third: If his mind gets empty, and you get the impression that he doesn’y have a very strong memory as you thought, you might be wrong. Don’t alarm yourself if he forgets the name of the company where you work, or the name of your best friend, because men, when they fall in love, consume so much energy on thinking about you and about the things he should or should not do, that his memory gets affected. Though, this doesn’t mean that it will last forever. If you have months, years togeter and he still can’t remember when is your birthday, we are talking about non-interest. I hope it’ s not you case.

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