Three Great Gifts for Your Sensitive Boyfriend.

August 20, 2008 by JadeLuv  
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Ever wondered what to give your boyfriend when he is just not into hunting or mudding. These gifts work great for your boyfriend if he is more sensitive than other guys.

Personalized Music

A few compact discs of your boyfriends favorite music burned by you personally is an ideal gift for that special guy in your life. There are a few programs I have used to make burning a whole lot easier. MP3 Rocket Player and Limewire are two exceptional programs that can be used, and there are many other ones you can find by googling it online. I also recommend making the CD labels yourself. They look nicer and you can make them his favorite colors and design them anyway you want. Always gift wrap it creatively and make sure to make the gift card yourself. There is a whole array of gift card software you can purchase from department stores near you. For example: Wal-mart, K-Mart, and even Best Buy. It seems more personal to make the gift card yourself because you can make it say exactly what you want. Make sure that you slip in a few songs that are memorable to the both of you. Say, the first song that you hit the dance floor too, had your first kiss during, or first got intimate during. I also think that burning the first song he sang to you is a good idea also. This gift is ideal if your boyfriend spends alot of time listening to music.

A Blip In Time

A journal chronicling the first year of your relationship with your boyfriend. Remember the first time you saw him, even if you weren’t thinking about him as anything more than a friend? Maybe your first date and what he was wearing or how he smelled so good. Sensitive guys are actually interested in the fact that some girls pay such close attention to certain details. There is no better way to tell your boyfriend you love him than to write it down in your own words. How about the first conversation you had , the first time you kissed, traveled together or became intimate. I think adding things like your own poetry or poems that suit the moment are exceptional for making it seems more personal. When you are finished you can cover it yourself or have it covered and then personalized. With this gift I don’t think wrapping it is essential. My boyfriend absolutely loved this gift. Some good places to get materials for this gift at a reasonable price are  Wal-mart, K-mart, or essentially and good office supply store that has reasonably priced materials.

CD Storybook

You can put together one of these with programs such as YouTube and even One True Media. These can be found online and are fairly easy to get an account with. Gather a handful or two of pictures that symbolize all the great moments in your relationship. They can be both happy or sad it doesn’t matter. Make sure to keep the pictures in chronological order. The most important part of this gift is the music you set it to and the personalized dialogue you put between the pictures. Make sure the you personalize it as much as possible. When you are finished you can burn it to a CD that he can watch anytime and anywhere.

These are my recommended top three gifts for the sensitive guy in your life.  Some boyfriends are easy to find gifts for but when it comes to sensitive guys they tend to be harder to shop for.  I found that making the gifts myself or thinking out of the box helped me choose a better gift for my boyfriend.  Experiment with these three ideas and wow your sensitive boyfriend with something that he isn’t expecting.

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