Things Couples Argue About Most

August 6, 2011 by CHIPMUNK  
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Couples have many issues to deal with.

Married  couples,  or  while dating, arguments often arise about many issues and in most cases these are fragile moments.

Finances, often it is about which one is spending too much, this issue leads to break ups. It should be spoken of not ignored.

Free Time,  couples argue about spending more together, this is another common problem, always working and one of you is left alone, find a compromise.

Jealousy, you either don’t want your partner to have lunch with co-worker or don’t like it when he or she looks at another.  There shouldn’t be reason to be jealous, if you trust your partner, why the insecurity?

Define each other maybe have boundaries if you think it will work for you


Household chores, sometimes this gets in the way, having children and help around the house becomes  too much, take responsibility, don’t ignore chores. Do this together it will make your day lighter.


Religion, not many couples are on the same page when it comes to religion, make sure you know where your partner stands  in regards to your religion.  Some of you are deeply committed in your beliefs.

When raising your children, a conflict with many couples having their own ideas does make it difficult.  Dating someone with children can have a strain on your relationship,  an idea of not to interject your opinion about how permissive or strict they should be, or don’t try to recommend a discipline type, you never know when all may go wrong.  Also don’t  give pets as a  gift to the children they may have allergies.

Politics, if you have frequent conversations  in the different political parties you should respect one another for their beliefs and don’t force your own agenda.

Sex,  a problem for most couples one doesn’t feel satisfied and is not desirable.  Talk about issues like this don’t just bicker about it.

Most of all is stress,  arguments relate to stressful lives and this can  take over your lives if you don’t control your daily tasks, multi-tasking makes you stressed to the limits.  Often this gets into your relationship, causing outbursts.  Think before you make any comments, you could say something you will regret.

When you meet someone special you will never know everything of that person,  it takes time to understand and communicate with each other.   Commitments are never easy to keep up to.

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11 Responses to “Things Couples Argue About Most”
  1. Lucky Star Says:

    good work

  2. Rosettaartist1 Says:

    so true

  3. sabasid6 Says:

    right!!but one cant stop being jealous even if trust factor iz there..u know sometimes possessiveness overcomes all the logic..

  4. dixie1965 Says:

    i have been married 27 years, you just got to learn with battles to fuss about, and shut up about the small stuff,,, good article

  5. foxpete88 Says:

    good work…thanks

  6. vijayanths Says:

    good insights.

  7. DR.VNS Says:

    Very good analysis.

  8. BruceW Says:

    Money is the biggie, for me at least.

  9. erwinkennythomas Says:

    v. nice work!

  10. Israel Jayakaran Says:

    Well brought out, Chipmonk. From my side, I just can’t believe that couples argue. Why should they, at all?

    Well. I intend writing a piece on the subject reflecting my own experience. Wait for it at Triond.

  11. vickylass Says:

    Two won´t have an argument if one doesn´t want to. When couple argue a lot for everyday things, they should look whether there is something more serious that takes them to argue non-stop. Thanks for sharing.

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