The Things Men Like and Dislike in Bed

December 27, 2010 by iwilldo  
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The things Men like and dislike in Bed.

The things Men  like and dislike in Bed

Here is a note on some aspects of female behavior that men hate in bed.

 During the love making some ladies don’t do anything – they simply lie down there expecting some pleasure. Remember, this is the one thing almost all men hate most and is the worst thing you can do with your man in bed. There should be some movements from the side of the woman. Women have to show their partners that they want sex with them.  A woman looking like ‘lying dead’ may even cause sexual problems in her partner.

Just like women, almost every man likes to be kissed. Most of them like women kissing them, all over their body.So kiss him, play and tease with him to drive him crazy.

It is absolutely wrong to think that man has to take all the control during sex. Women also have to do it. You dictate the rules of the game by telling him that you want sex now and guide him what to do. Most of the men will get excited by that action and will be pleased. Many men like to be controlled and even like the slave act.

Be maximum sensitive with your man. Remember that their  bodies are also sensitive and do your best to make him feel nice. Shed all your egos.

Women should care all his feelings in the bedroom. Make him know that you are caring his desires.

Show your emotions and never confuse your man. Never feel shy to express your intimate feelings openly. Making noise and screaming, all will help your man to know what you like best.

If you feel that, your sexual activities are getting a little boring? Do some new actions. Go for wearing some new sexy outfit. Drive him crazy by a sexy dance. All men like little teasing with hot dresses.

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