Ten Signs That Your Boyfriend Can’t be Trusted

July 27, 2010 by Steven West  
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Here are ten signs that your boyfriend is not to be trusted.

Do you trust your boyfriend?  Of course you do.  Should you trust your boyfriend?  Ah, that is a different question. Here are ten signs that you should not trust your boyfriend:

1.   Your boyfriend promises not to have another drink.  You find that his breath smells like he has just been at a brewery.

2.   Your boyfriend promises to be careful when he borrows your car.  You discover that your boyfriend is driving on a suspended license.

3.   Your boyfriend promises to take you to a chick flick.  When you are ready to go to the movies, your boyfriend apologizes and tells you that he has suddenly come down with the flu.

4.   Your boyfriend promises that the dinner affair will be small.  When the guests arrive, you count at least fifty in the crowd.

5.   Your boyfriend promises to mow your lawn.  Ten days later, your lawn is so high that the mailman gets lost navigating your grass.

6.   Your boyfriend professes eternal love.  You find out online that your boyfriend has been seen kissing your best friend, Sheila.

7.   Your boyfriend promises  not to over abuse your credit cards.  A month later you get a credit card statement saying that you owe Bank America $5,000. 

8.   Your boyfriend tells you that he has only made love with you.  Unfortunately, a month later you find out that you have a sexually transmitted disease.

9.   Your boyfriend promises to take you to the most expensive restaurant in town.  He does keep his word.  However, he insists that you pay for the meals.

10. Your boyfriend tells you that he does not do social networking online.  A little investigating shows that he has a My Space and Twitter account.  Both accounts are very active and much of the conversations are very sexually explicit.

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  1. drelayaraja Says:

    Great share :)

  2. webseowriters Says:

    nice share buddy

  3. pearl2010 Says:

    Gosh, this is worst. I definitely make a break up right away. Hehe.

  4. Aileen Tecson Says:

    Very annoying yet realistic it do happen to some.

  5. Anuradha Ramkumar Says:

    Gr8 share.

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