Six Signs You Should Leave Your Man

July 17, 2010 by edcombs  
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What you should consider when deciding to leave your man.

Are you in a relationship where you think that you are not getting enough from your man?well I’m sure that most girls are experiencing this or have experienced this before.If the answer to the above is affirmative, then most women usually ask themselves whether to give it another chance or to call it quits.The decision you take definitely will depend on the extent of his character and his likeliness of change.You should think about giving a second chance unless he exhibits the following characters.


If your guy does not usually want to spend on you no matter how small the amount may be yet he can afford, know that he does not love and is wasting your time.I believe if a man truly loves a woman then he should sacrifice everything just to make her happy.If you have this type of guy then know very well that she is not meant for you.

Always lazy

These are the kind of guys who are so lazy that they want to be fed leave alone making their own food.They will always untidy their rooms and create all kinds of mess and expect you to clear up.You should know too well that you are lovers and his maid and therefore you should demand your respect.But again you should not be enslaved by his habits and therefore you need to be sober and call it quits if he is not ready to change.

Mama’s Boy

These are the category who believe in their mothers than their spouses, they will always side with them no matter what the circumstances.They believe that they are always right and will give them priority over their girlfriends.If you are with this type of guy, then know that you will either bear with it or chuck out.

Perennial Cheater

If your guy cheats on you once then you may give him another chance but what about if he has made it a career?The answer is no because you cannot be taken for granted every now and then by someone who shows you contempt of the highest order.It is of no use trying to fix things when it is clearly impossible and the best thing to do is to leave instead of being stressed by such a playboy.

Great Sex

It is your right to demand that your guy gives you great sex so that you are satisfied with him.But if he does not know how to make love to you then you need to tell him to up his game.He will always give excuses for not fulfilling his mandate every time you tell him but you shouldn’t give a chance to a minute man and should therefore look for greener pastures.

Not Fashionable

This may look too harsh but it’s no doubt women usually prefer men who are fashionable.If you have a guy who knows nothing about fashion and does not care about how he dresses according to the occasion,then you are in the wrong side of the world.You should let him know the importance of dress code lest he embarrasses you during an important occasion.A woman usually expects her man to look good at at all times and it is the duty of the man to do so.

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3 Responses to “Six Signs You Should Leave Your Man”
  1. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    He he he…..if women were to follow your advice, most of them would be single. Do you know why? Most men have at least one of the weaknesses you mentioned. A very good post.

  2. Aileen Tecson Says:

    A very good reminder!

  3. Akiong Says:

    Good topic, nice contents.

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