Signs That a Guy Likes You

July 31, 2011 by Teacher Jodi  
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These are tips to determining whether a guy is into you or not.

1. Lip Touching

          Whenever a guy is with a woman he likes, the blood vessels in his face dilate making it very sensitive. This is most applicable to the lips. A guy would usually touch his lips, shove a gum, take drags on his cigar and many other things involving the lips. So if you see a guy who shows these actions, then he’s definitely interested in you!

2. Raised Eyebrows

          Watch his eyes the instant he looks at you. If his eyebrows flutter upwards for the briefest of the moment, then it’s a yes, he likes you. It’s automatic according to my male friend that a guy’s eyebrows lift ever so slightly whenever they see a woman they’re attracted to. It’s human nature, instinct as they say. This raise of the eyebrows enlarge their eyes making them more interesting to women they like and to give these women a better sight of them. The “eyebrows” thing also applies during a conversation with a guy. When his eyebrows are slightly raised, then it means he’s paying much attention to every little detail you’re talking about. It also means he’s wants you badly to like him in return.

3. Stiffening Up

          Just like male peacocks that spread their tail feathers to impress females, men also want to look big and strong to get attention. This is human nature where being big, strong, and hard means being survivors. So whenever you’re with a guy you’ve just bumped into, check his stance. Is he hardening up? Is he making his muscles look bigger? Is he giving off a confident manly aura? Then, congratulations, it’s a sure sign he likes you.

4. Fidgety Hands

          Does he look nervous to you? Does he make unnecessary fuss with his hands? Does he smooth his hair, arrange his cap, puff his cigar, and adjust his eyeglasses? Then it simply means he’s trying to look good for you!

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