Sexy Ways to Kiss Your Man

November 20, 2009 by tasha kazuki  
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There are many, many ways to vary the manner in which you kiss…thus imparting a little novelty you’ll both be grateful for.


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Different ancient cultures and many other clever people have apparently thought up of hundreds of different ways to make love, but most people usually find only a few of these fun (or even practical).  Ands so, perhaps a kind of sameness drifts into the act.  Not so with kissing.  There are many, many ways to vary the manner in which you kiss…thus imparting a little novelty you’ll both be grateful for.  Here are a few ideas in kissing your man:

  • Try having a conversation while you kiss; yes, talk right through the kiss, but mostly in short phrases.
  • The inside of the lips is much more sensitive than the part you see when you look at someone.  Try to present him with that warm, moist, soft inner lip.
  • Some would find it nice to have their nose given a gentle bite.   It makes them giggle, they say it felt nice.
  • Try putting a finger into his mouth while you kiss and tickle his tongue with it.
  • If you’re going to be standing when you kiss, don’t move and don’t sidestep.  Get your kneecaps pointed directly at his, and the rest will be history.
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  • The corners of his lips are very sensitive—perhaps because they are so rarely touched or used.  Put the tip of your tongue (just the tip) into one of these corners.  You’ll be giving him a tiny, lovely little jolt.
  • Confucius says: Sexy girl don’t kiss with teeth closed…prudes use tongues only to lick postage stamps.
  • Next time he kisses you, keep your eyes open.  When he opens his and sees you looking lovingly lovingly right into them, he’ll get a lift…you’re not kissing a dream or a fantasy man; you’re kissing him.  He may even pull you closer for a second one.
  • A good way to get him to open his eyes is to kiss them.
  • Men’s nipples grow erect with excitement when you kiss them.  Men also like you to kiss the very tips of their fingers.
  • Holding his face with your two hands while you kiss is very tender.  photo credit
  • Pushing a grape into his mouth from yours isn’t a bad at all.  If you feel more adventurous, chocolate is even better.
  • Rubbing noses or kissing noses is very nice.  So is kissing the palm of the hand.
  • Sometime, when he’s sitting in a chair, come up behind him and, leaning far forward, give him an upside-down kiss.  It’s a little hard mechanically, but the sudden surprise may put even better ideas on his head.
  • Some men don’t like to be bitten hard.  There’s no rule, but watch it.
  • On the beach, on a hot summer day, drink something with ice in it and then immediately kiss his closed eyes.
  • Most men find it more stimulating when a girl puts her tongue in their mouth and move it slowly.  The frantic bit is out.
  • Ask him to stick his tongue out then kiss it.
  • A tongue in his ear will make him shudder with pleasure; but some men don’t like that, so be sure he’s enjoying it.
  • A gentle nibbling on his ear is nice, too.
  • Try a butterfly kiss.  Put your face as close as you can to his, then flutter your eyelashes.  It’s sort of strange, tickly feeling, and you’ll both find you’re laughing and kissing at the same time.
  • Invent some new kisses of your own.
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8 Responses to “Sexy Ways to Kiss Your Man”
  1. K.Reshma Says:

    Great article

  2. STEVE666 Says:

    Enjoyed this. Good write!

  3. abhishek40914 Says:

    most important thing in kiss is love. thats what i feel. thanks for sharing your views

  4. Gone. Says:

    One of the key ingredients in a kiss, is passion!

  5. shannel Says:

    try kissing him on his forhead then both cheeks then on the nose then finally the lips. The build up is exciting and it awakens the senses. It works wonders for me and my boyfriend

  6. Natalya Says:

    When I kiss I take off my shert (girl)
    and I stik my hands down his pans

  7. Amber(gotta problem BIATCH) Says:

    Great article, when I kiss my boyfriend we always look deeply into each others eyes n then kiss, one time we skipped the kissing n we just started feeling up each other

  8. kissmynose Says:

    you are right about the nose… being kissed and sucked and nibbled on my nose is heavenly

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