Seven Worst Things You Can Do to a Girl

January 18, 2010 by CutestPrincess  
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This article tells you what not to do in a relationship. Listen or else..

1. Cheat on us
It’s disrespectful. Not to be honest enough to just tell us that you want to see other people, and do it behind our back. You’re letting us know what you really think of us. It would just make us feel suspicious of the whole relationship.

2. Check up on us every 5minutes
It’s your way of letting us know that you don’t trust us, o that you’re actually smothering and clingy. Either way, it’s not good. And it’s really annoying.

3. Lie to us
You need honesty in any relationship. And not just with your girlfriend, even with your friends and whoever.

4. Be jealous of our boy friends
You have to understand we’ll have friends who just happen to be boys, whom we’ve known even before we got relationship. It’s not fair if you make us choose. If I had to choose I would probably still choose my boyfriend, but I would end up resenting him as a result. It could lead to breakup, and then I would just hang out with those boys he got jealous of in the first place.

5. Make us feel guilty for hanging out with our friends
We have to have time to bond with our friends, even if it’s just watching chick-flick movies. We do some things that boys just aren’t involved in. you shouldn’t have to question that.

6. Take us for granted
In the beginning you just really appreciate everything, but as the relationship goes on, to some extent you tend to take each other for granted. And no matter how hard we try to please you, it’s either your way or the highway. We soon realize it’s not good for either of us.

7. Be too dependent on us
Unless you are completely engulfed in each other’s worlds, you should have your own life, your own friends. We should have that time together, but you should still have your own space to hag out-with your friends or by yourself.

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31 Responses to “Seven Worst Things You Can Do to a Girl”
  1. Darla Beck Says:

    My husband used to check up on me every time I went somewhere. He would even call me when I went to visit my mom or my sister. He finally quit after I got fed up and told him off.

  2. Joie Schmidt Says:

    Very good list.



    -Liane Schmidt.

  3. kirstymarie Says:

    lets hope more guys read this! (:

  4. Purnomosidhi Says:

    Ha ha guys must read your article. It is true :-)

  5. Eunice Tan Says:

    Yeah, I hate if somebody does above things to me.

  6. mishee Says:

    yeah right :) very interesting

  7. drelayaraja Says:

    Right and well listed out. Same applies to the girls, right?

  8. amilia snow Says:

    absolutely! but i think this goes the same for both sexes :) but nicely pointed out~

  9. cutedrishti8 Says:

    These points apply to both Male and Female… :)

  10. papaleng Says:

    ganito rin dapat sa boys.. good post JA.

  11. devsir Says:

    Thanks for telling about the girls’ feelings. I will keep these in mind. A great help for the boys.

  12. Melody SJAL Says:

    Very well put.

  13. MMV Abad Says:

    So true :(

  14. vaughanh Says:

    Good advice girl!

  15. sandhee Says:

    Ah remind me to my past, when she dump me lol :D

  16. J.I. Smith Says:

    Good article. But I can think of worse things too. :D


  17. Jasonian Says:

    Very nice!

  18. shujaktk Says:

    good work keep it up say some thing about it thank you

  19. Marty Says:

    This is so obvious! Why not add “Don’t punch us”


  20. jack Says:

    yeah well this time im going to knock her head for real that is the way to solve my problem.

  21. strovek Says:

    Nice list

  22. pekha Says:

    i know that my gf has cheated on me as she continues to do so.she thinks i don’t know but i have seen the signs.the worst thing is we went out with friends last night and the eye contact confirmed it all…im devasted.

  23. shujaktk Says:

  24. omGas Says:

  25. James Says:

    I’m assuming you mean the proverbial “I” because any good reporter/journalist knows that the writer is supposed to be impartial to the article… like come on this is grade 11 english. But being a guy I understand that all of these are very good things to know in the future… however in any future articles you write try not to use “I”.

  26. TBarqawi Says:

    Great advice.

  27. shujaktk Says:

    what do you think

  28. asod29 Says:

    Sometimes as guy you just want to simply know what the girl does .. not because we are suspicious, but because we want to show that we cares about the girl. sometimes you just want to check that everything is okay.

    (…Of Course There’s always someone that has a need of controll.) It takes more than just that those who text every five minutes, to say that they have control needs.

  29. Chris Says:

    The worst thing a Guy can do to a woman is be TRULY honest and loving… Because when she does the usual devious little things, she then feels bad about herself.

    Her “little fibs and little stuff” then start to HURT HER, because she then realizes that the problem here isn’t you, it isn’t “us”, it’s HER.

    Love a woman they way they CLAIM to want, and she will HATE YOUUUU… Hate You Forever.

  30. Aaron Says:

    CLEARLY IM a guy but im neither of these things does that make me a good guy i play buy the book and some how im single because everytime im in a relationship they want to end it because the girls always say your to nice and you deserve somone better x

    thanks for the advice tho

  31. Pooja Says Says:

    You included more or less everything I guess..except rape. Even in a committed relationship or marriage, 1 in 5 women is raped atleast once.
    Good article. :)

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