February 26, 2011 by Joe Vizzacco  
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The truth about how some of us feel when in a relationship…


Relationships can be scary,and doubts sometimes arise
we often lose sight of the person before us,and focus on only “whys”
“Why” is he/she doing this or “why” aren’t they doing that
then we tend to get angry,thinking we have become their doormat
It is at times like this that we really need to listen to our heart
because our minds can ruin something that has been right from the start
We don’t have to be perfect,perfection can sometimes be a myth
but  we’re perfect for each other,and there’s no one else I’d rather be with
My heart is definitely connected to you,it aches when you are sad
connections like this are once in a lifetime,let’s not make it “If I only had”
Life is too short,and true love will always win in the end
it is like a winding road,and you precede with caution at each bend
This is where the “whys” begin to flourish and spread
we believe danger lies around the corner,because it’s what the sign said
And some roads seem familiar,and maybe we’ve had an accident before
but that doesn’t mean we stop driving,we just use the brake a little more

It’s okay to be cautious,you should,it’s our hearts we are protecting
but giving someone all your love is the best way of connecting
You sometimes question,”why” would he/she go that extra mile for me
and the answers aren’t always clear,there are no signs you can see

I can tell you that I love you,but you’re right,love is just a word
you have to think of the person saying it,before it can really be heard
I know you have your days, and think  this will never come to fruition
we have some obstacles to overcome,but together we’ll make it our mission

We will make this happen,although there are no signs yet
I have waited all my life for you,my soul mate I have met
I’d never abandon you,and that’s the part you can’t comprehend
I’ve seen your inner beauty,and together the rest of our lives we will spend

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8 Responses to “"Relationships"”
  1. d1dezire Says:

    yea i’ve waited all my life 4 u too. where have u been hiding? lol i like this one.

  2. LJ Spain Says:

    Oh my! Are you talkin to me? Alright!

  3. Joe Vizzacco Says:

    @d1dezire,lol I’m glad you enjoyed this piece,it’s one of my personal favorites too…@LJ,that’s the plan when I write to make the reader believe I’m talking to them ;-) ty for the comment

  4. bhaswati Says:

    i love your flair with words and the way you just weaved all the myriad woes and joys of relationship in a single composition. Beautiful :)

  5. Joe Vizzacco Says:

    Ty bhaswati…I believe a relationship is just that,woes and joys,it creates a balance. The problem is many of us have been in a bad relationship,so when we do find someone that’s perfect for us we think too much and try to find the flaws,and that can ruin something that should have been beautiful…but true love always wins out at least that’s what I believe…

  6. krlewis Says:

    Everything is very well described. This is a great poem about taking it one day at a time.

  7. adicodrean1967 Says:

    nice post

  8. Joe Vizzacco Says:

    @iwernig ty and yes I believe that is the only way to go about a relationship one day at a time…@adicodrean1967 ty once again

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