Reasons Why You Should Dump Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

November 5, 2010 by Saint Jimmy  
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Signs that you relationship is not going well. Both for guys and girls.

Here are 10 signs that means that you should dump your partner and move on. These signs can go either way for guys and girls.

  1. You never get a call from your partner or you see him rarely. This sign is excluding long distance relationships, but if you do have a long distance relationship, stay with your partner if you like him and think you can make it work, but it is risky. Anyhow, if your partner “forgets” to call you or meet up with you, they are disinterested and it pretty much means it has to end.
  2. You or your partner seem to act like they want to be somewhere else or seem to be disinterested or bored whenever they are around you or him/her. This means that they think they are kind of forced into the relationship, and when someone isn’t attracted to someone else, it doesn’t work, otherwise your forcing a relationship upon your partner.
  3. Your partner cheats on you, says he wants to break up with you, etc. Most obvious sign, but a sign nevertheless. Catch your partner doing this, and it is a sure break-up, unless your partner has a pretty good line of sh** to get out of it.
  4. If your partner does something excessively to the point where it bothers you. This includes boyfriends saying “I Love you” too much, or girls calling and texting a guy too much to the point where she gets angry if he doesn’t answer back.
  5. Your partner suggests seeing other people “temporarily.” This is not a legit statement most of the time, this is the natural I-got-no-grapes-to-say-it-straight way of breaking up. The “nice” girls and guys use this to let their partner down gently. (BTW, this form of breaking up is good if your the typical “nice couple,” because the nice ones get hurt really easily.)
  6. Your partner or you seem reluctant to do romantic things. Your partner doesn’t give a gift every now and then, your partner doesn’t do any kind of move on you in the movie theater (stroke hair, arm over shoulder, etc.). In general, your partner doesn’t seem to have a sense of what would be romantic. (take this rule to a bare minimum, because some guys and girls naturally get nervous around another and don’t do anything, if you think your partner likes you ignore this rule, only if it seems like he does it purposely should you take this into consideration.)
  7. Your partner is not what you expected them to be. For example, that guy who you thought was sweet, funny, yet masculine turns out to be too clingy, whiny, etc. Some people can’t relate to this because there isn’t to many people that give off a false impression, and lets face it guys, girls read everyone like a book, they know what they are dealing with before you say “Hi.”
  8. Your partner is using you as a “tool.” Your partner is getting you to buy things for themselves. Usually it is the guy who gets used, considering the ancient rule where the guy must buy dinner for the girl and stuff like that (not trying to be sexist, but it is one of the codes of chivalry still alive today, it is gentlemanly.). So guys, if she asks too many things too many times, you got to end it, because she is being a parasite on your wallet.
  9. You or your partner forget vital information about each other… a lot. This rule is mainly for the guys. You forget her birthday, you forget to text her, send her something on Valentine’s Day, etc. This one has a simple solution: listen, however, most guys have a big problem with that. Write it down if you have to, otherwise your girlfriend is going to dump you with some hurt feelings.
  10. You and your partner have arguments or fights often. If it is verbal, it isn’t so bad, you might have a chance on overcoming difficulties, but if it physical, get out of there as soon as possible. Neither guy or girl should be violently attacking each other, and verbal attacks show a sign of bad difficulties. It is better to not be interested than to actually be together and know that one hates the other.
  11. Too many secrets are being kept. Big no no. If you can’t trust your partner, or they can’t trust you, why are you there? Relationships are about caring each other’s lives, not bottling up emotions and events.
  12. You frequently break-up, then make-up, make out, and then break-up… several times. No more cycles! Do you like your partner or not? Get out, meet new people so you can have a more stable relationship. It is NOT healthy to go in limbo with one person if he/she is going to break your heart and then make you feel good again.

So those are my ten rules and signs. However, don’t listen to me, the decision is up to you entirely. This is more of a guideline so that you can reflect on how your relationship is going, it is not fixed rules, just signs. Whatever reasons you think points towards a break-up, just look at the pros and cons of your relationship and say to yourself, “What am I going to lose and gain if I stayed/broke up?”

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