Part 2: 10 Signs You Should Dump Your Boyfriend

June 11, 2010 by Angelita DeBois  
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A follow-up to "10 Signs You Should Dump Your Boyfriend"

A follow-up to “10 Signs You Should Dump Your Boyfriend

A year and a half ago, I wrote an article, “10 Signs You Should Dump Your Boyfriend“. I had no idea that it would have such an impact on so many women. Women, young and old, have shared with me and others in the comments their toxic relationships and the difficulty they have had mustering their courage to leave behind men that obviously not only don’t love/care for them, but are toxic human beings. Some of the “relationships” have lasted for years, while others where only a few months old. Who is to blame for these toxic relationships? The women who desperately try to enact change in a man to get him to “act right”? Or the men who, for whatever reason, don’t end the toxic relationship and move on?

Each person is responsible for their own behavior and must hold themselves accountable on how they treat themselves and others. Only YOU can change your circumstances; only YOU can make yourself truly happy. Depending on someone else for your happiness will never make you happy: you will always be on that person’s “happiness” schedule. You will feel bereft most of the time until that shining moment when that person feels like making you happy. You will wait for that day, which may never come. If it does come, it’s short-lived and never enough: making you feel worse than before. The cycle continues over and over. This pattern is just like a junkie or an alcoholic. There is no hope in this; only suffering.

If you choose to dedicate your life to someone, they don’t have to do the same for you. When they don’t return that dedication, you feel bitter, that person feels smothered and the wheel of passive aggressive behavior continues until it boils over. More often than not, it boils over and results in violence against women and their children.

Ladies, empower yourself. Get all the happiness in life that you can. Life is too short to spend any time worrying about someone who doesn’t care about you. With that being said, here are ten more signs that it’s time to say goodbye to the toxic love in your life:

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4 Responses to “Part 2: 10 Signs You Should Dump Your Boyfriend”
  1. incognito Says:

    well i went thru a bad relationship for 4 long years and had almost all of these signs, he cheated, abused me physically hit me as well and at times forced me for sex too. I thought i couldnt live without him but i was wrong…. I dumped him and insulted him badly in front of his folks. Now m completely at peace, my life after him has changed so drastically, all for the better. M happy my personal and professional lives are going gr8… I hv found myself back. so ladies if u do find any of these signs jus pack ur bags and leave coz if its really not worth staying now it never will be.

  2. 8inches Says:

    that might be true. but do not forget that all men can change for better if we will choose to.

  3. Tiki33 Says:

    I too have experienced abuse and all the horrible things that can happen in a relationship. Most of the time you end up angry and bitter which is not good. thank you for this article.

  4. thailanddelights Says:

    Get out and move on pick yourself up and learn. Not all guys are the same.

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