Parallel Love (Can One Love Two People?)

June 21, 2011 by David Gi  
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A look at the heart.

We’ve all heard, seen and even experienced great love stories, but. How real is the love we feel? Would we really love to “x” or “y” person with whom we choose to live our lives? What about the infidelities, are they simple lust or maybe we can love two different people?

According to psychological studies, a person can love in two parallel forms, one with the reason and the other with the heart. This occurs mostly in women due to their ability to use both brain hemispheres at the same time, they can fall in love with someone, get married, have children and then to move their life in love with another. This person will keep a primary love relationship with the new person, without taking away from the first, because his brain would tell him to remain stable with his first partner because it is the best for his family, the brain tries to protect the integrity of the family at all costs, leading to deception and other situations.

Men are less exposed to these cases. But it is said there are more infidelity in men than in women. Yes, but this is the reason that unfaithful men are more easily detected than women because instead of dividing their attention, men has a higher concentration towards the new person, becoming apathetic to their previous relationship.

Well it’s all for now hope you like, and excuse my bad English will try to improve.

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