Nine Interesting Facts About Kenyan Men

June 11, 2010 by samkim86  
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Although Kenya has a diverse of ethnic groups thus there seem to be different opinions on the way Kenyan men seem to behave or how they are character wise.

  1. Very arrogant.
  2. Strictly missionary.  They are agreeable and submissive, but rather like their alcohol. Their tempers are legendary. Normally, if one come home after three days, smelling of a strange perfume and with red lipstick all over your white shirt, a Kenyan woman will not utter a word? 
  3. It is said that Kenyan men have misplaced priorities. They will build a stone house for the combine harvester and the cows and surround their homes with beautiful fences while their houses are grass-thatched and mud-walled.
  4. No recognition of a woman as equal counterpart. A Maasai man for example, will do anything to marry a beautiful woman. However, to them, wives are lower in rung than children.
  5. They would rather have a conversation with a man and not a woman. They are the classic example of what a gentleman is supposed to be. With their use of flattery, and their love for speaking in low, husky tones, many women confess to being transfixed to the local man. But in the words of one lady, “they talk too much; like they have swallowed a tape.”
  6. They are flirters despite being married. For a Kenyan man, serious business is getting an extra wife year after year.
  7. Elites. No matter how well exposed or versed in the Queen’s English he is, the local dialect accent will never go away.
  8. Very optimistic and obsessed with politics
  9. They are terrible drivers, it seems to be vice versa a pedestrian has to make way for a vehicle and not the other way round
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