Man vs. Quilt

July 22, 2009 by nitika  
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What are women looking for?

As I struggled to open my eyes in the early hours of morning trying desperately to ignore the loud sound of the alarm ,a strange thought crossed my mind. I felt the quilt that I was sleeping in was maybe better than my man!

Well that proves how less we as women expect from our counterparts.All we need is a little warmth , security  and safety from all the bad and evil that exists in this world.All it takes is a little comfort accessible whenever we are low.Most of the times the quilt manages to take care of most of  these requirements very well.The warmth is such that I never feel like getting up in the morning and for the question -” does it keep me safe” – Undoubtedly yes! The quilt manages to keep me safe in my world of dreams where there are no worries of work, family , commitmments, timelines – not even alarm sounds.

So think again what you are expecting out of your man – its all there in the quilt!

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2 Responses to “Man vs. Quilt”
  1. deeps Says:

    May be a man in the quilt would be a better idea….

  2. Ruchi Says:

    Quilt Rocks!

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