Lonely, Need a Man?

January 6, 2010 by Ayana Daniels  
Published in Relationships

A wake call for single mothers.

        If you are a single mother and have a boyfriend, bed buddy or a man in your life, who is not the father of your of your child; Please be very careful about whom you have around your child and in your life.

        Do not have a boyfriend, just to say that you have a man. Instead of thinking how lonely it is without a man in your life, think about the well being of your child.

        Is this man a good example for your child? Is this man a provider? Does this man have morals? Does he have a job, or is he sitting on your couch while you are working hard at work, while he is at your house playing video games or just hanging out with his friends and driving around all day in your car, eating your food and taking advantage of you and having sex with you and having you pay his bills?   Can you rely on this man to help you if you were to lose your job? Would he be able to help you if you needed his assistants? Does this man respect you? Does this man respect you in front of your child? Does this man even like your child? How does this man treat your child? How does your child respond to your man. You know right from wrong.

       Just settling for any man could cause problems in your life and may endanger your child’s life.  Have you seen the news stories: Child killed by mothers boyfriend, or boyfriend abuses girlfriends child. These deaths and this abuse is happening because a lot of single women are letting their loneliness blind them and women are letting their low self esteem and their desperate need for love, forget about the well being of their children.

       Do not put your needs or mans needs or the man you are not married to, before the needs of your children. Do not make your children pay for your bad decisions.  Be careful with your child’s life. Your child is much too precious.

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