Living with Gemini Men

October 14, 2008 by AndAnotherThing  
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What you need to know if you’re thinking of living with a Gemini man.

Gemini: May 22nd – June 21st

Moving in With Gemini Men

If you are not happy with your own body image DO NOT move in with a Gemini man. Why? Because you will be surrounded by mirrors and reminded of the way you look constantly.

Always Remember When Living with Gemini Men

You are living with the adolescent of the Zodiac who will have inevitable bouts of confidence crises. You will need to know what to say and do in thee circumstances otherwise you will not enjoy your life with this man.

Never Forget When Living With Gemini Men

Never forget that style is everything. It is not important that there is no toilet-paper but it is that the toilet paper holder is stylish. If you are very into practicalities you will not find life with a Gemini man that easy to cope with.

Always Remember and Never Forget When Living with Any Man…some advice from Agony Aunt, to the Stars, Wilma Proops:

In any relationship you should have equal rights. If you think that life would be better on your own, no matter how worse off you’d be financially, no matter how more complicated life would be nor the added responsibilities, you are probably in a bad relationship. Never forget that many women (with and without children) nowadays live independently of men and are much happier doing so.

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  1. Seth Parr Says:

    I had to laugh, I’m a Gemini Man and I registered on two of the three. I’ve never gone out and bought a fancy toilet paper holder but I am a Mirror Guy and it drives my Aries Girl insane. For those that read this the Mirror is not about looking at yourself it’s about the visual perception of Reality outsides our selves and personally I think it’s fascinating. The Mirrors also represent the Illusion of space – a mental freedom so to speak instead of looking at a wall or a static scene.

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