Live-in Relationships – Alterative to Marriage

July 18, 2011 by Rohit Rai  
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Live-in Relationships in todays era may have been originated from the Western countries but these days the concept is adjusting its roots in east also.Teenagers now a days look for their Mr. and Miss. Right, Or a "perfect partner" to settle down in there life throughout. Its difficult in todays world to find a perfect match and youngester today prefers a "live- in relationships".

Live-in Relationships in today’s era may have been originated from the Western countries but these days the concept is adjusting its roots in east also. Teenagers now a days look for their Mr. and Miss. Right, Or a “perfect partner” to settle down in there life throughout. Its difficult in today’s world to find a perfect match and youngster today prefers a “live- in relationships” rather than getting married at their teen. I would say it is good to be in a Live-in Relation as to regret later after getting married at the teenage. Relationship for today’s generations may be just a compromise but there are quite a number who proves it to be wrong. Today the things are different as there are many Gays relation coming out openly in the public too. India being a cultural society doesn’t accept such unhealthy relationships but according to the article 377, decriminalise private consensual sex between adults of the same sex has been legalised but still there are restrictions and families doesn’t allows it. 

                Talking of Live-in Relationships in today’s era, human relationships are complex and fragile. we can see the teenagers percentage leading the chart and it may be better to have a Live-in Relationships rather then having a divorced life and love regretting it later. This happen when people agree to live with each other and Some couples find living together is easy. I totally support this form of relationship as it allows you to understand each other more comfortably, one can learn all about each other likes and dislikes. Not only the lovers but engaged couples and soon to be married also decide to move in together before they get married, this may help then to save money for their future wedding, pay their rent’s and to help and support there own families.

          This form of Live-in Relationships may help the couples to figure out both the negative and positive part of their respective partner and learn to realise of their own fault. Some couples who live together do not want to get married in the near future and some (like gay or lesbian couples) are prevented from marrying.

          Along with its good side Live-in Relationship also comes across its negative side as there are many traditional communities who are heading up in the world who opposes live-in relationships, as they feel its against there religious views and social foundations. But one has to understand that its against emotional bindings any relationships cannot be pressed by power. One may even get pregnant accidentally if birth control pills are not taken (use always Condoms and avoid conflicts).

         Giving excuse that to avoid divorce they will prefer Live-in Relationships but from my point of view if there is understanding and love between couples then there won’t be any divorce cases. We never know how anyone can react in different situation so moreover we need a bond in our relationship like a married couple who have their own way to enjoy their happy life.

         Coming towards the conclusion various different reports which have thus been shown that the couples who go for live-in relationships are more opposite to divorce, then the ones who marry without living with each other because of their social or religious concerns, etc., This concept of Live-in Relationship sounds cool and very much healthy. When it comes to me I totally support this concept of Live-in Relationships.

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  1. metalheadvium7 Says:

    look’s very facinating to me. would like to go for a live-in relationship someday in future if i get a perfect girl.

  2. Rohit Rai Says:

    sure sandeep you should go for it.

  3. Mr Arrogant Says:

    nice article… good work

  4. Adrian Rai Says:

    i dont think live-in relationship is good.

  5. Rohit Rai Says:

    @mr. arrogant
    thank you.

  6. Rohit Rai Says:

    @adrin rai.
    its your point of view.

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