Is Your Man Possessive and Controlling? Look for the Signs

May 26, 2009 by lillia276  
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4- signs that your man is possessive or on his way to being very controlling.

Every man has the ability to be possessive, its the ones that take it to extreme that freak me out. Is he looking out for your best interest, or his interest only? Some men don’t even know there are being possessive and controlling and, there are some that just don’t care. Its their way or no way.

1- Does he tell you what to wear?

I don’t mean a simple suggestion here and their, I am talking about the man that has a suggestion every day all day. Is your dress too short, are those pants too tight, is that shirt too low cut. A possessive man is one that practically hand picks your wardrobe for you. Or he will throw out or give away items he feels shows too much of HIS woman. This is a dangerous sign. If you are unable to shop for clothes without him chaperoning get rid of him, he is way to controlling. A woman needs to know that she can wear what she wants for her to feel good, not to make him feel in control.

2- Does he screen your phone calls?

Do you ever get to answer your own phone? Does he constantly check the caller ID and ask hundreds of questions? Does he monitor your cell phone bill? If you answered yes to at least one he may be a possessive freak. No man or woman has the right to invade your privacy. He needs to grow up a little bit. So what if your friend Billy is having problems with his girl, that concerns you not your boyfriend. If you have lost the ability to have private phone calls this only gets worse, sooner or later you won’t be getting any calls at all. But, that won’t be by choice he will have ran off every outside communication for you. Run away quick.

3- How long has it been since you have spent time with your family?

Most controlling me will not allow their ladies to have communication with their families unless they are right there to control the conversation. The reason being, Most mothers and sisters can spot a looser before he gets out of the car. And a man knows that the mother and females in the family have more influence than he does in the beginning so he needs to difuse the situation first. I assure you if he is stuck to you like glue at family gatherings he is possessive. Eventually, you will see less and less of your family because, “he doesn’t feel comfortable around them.

These are just a few signs that your man may be possessive and controlling. But, only you can decide if he is so much of a prize that you are willing to loose your ability to think and choose to be with him. Be your own woman don’t be the woman he wants you to be. Chances are the woman he wants is mechanical, comes with batteries, and doesn’t back talk.

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  1. Danielle Ansert Says:

    Most mothers and sisters can spot a looser before he gets out of the car.

    I do believe they could spot a LOSER…not looser.

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