Is He Cheating?

December 27, 2010 by tapanga  
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Ever wanted to know if your boyfriend is cheating? Here are some hints to help you find out.

Hint #1: He starts buying you gifts. And i don’t mean just the regular anniversity or “just because I love you gifts”. He will start to buy you A LOT of gifts. This is usually done when he is feeling guilty and in the earlier stages of cheating. This kind of attention diminishes as the affair continues. 

Hint #2: He starts picking more fights with you than usual. This means he is either looking for an excuse to get angry and storm off so he can in return go and see his lover. Or it means he is looking for reasons to be angry at you, to make himself feel less guilty of what he’s doing. 

Hint #3: He’s become more distant. This usually comes in the later stages of him having an affair. He no longer let’s the guilt consume him, and usually just thinks he can no longer stop it so he should just continue. When he stops paying attention, or forgetting things he would never have before than it’s time to become suspicious and start questioning. 

Hint #4: When he stops communicating with you, and stops saying “i love you”. That one is pretty obvious. 

Hint #5: When he starts closing doors, and putting up passwords on things such as a laptop that he didn’t have before. This is his way of blocking his affair away from you, thus shutting you out of his life. This is a security measure so he doesn’t get caught. If he’s never had a password on his phone or computer, and recently put one up… it’s time to investigate!


He stops having sex with you, asking you to have sex with him or even stops touching you. When there is no longer a physical need for you, than it  means he’s either lost interest in you or he’s getting that kind of physical needs met by another person. Either way it’s not good news for you. 

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