How to Tell a Boy You Like Him

January 9, 2011 by sweetheartemelia  
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Finding it hard to let him on? here’s a fun way to do it that may even make him fall for you too! it worked for me :)

the way I told the guy I like that I liked him was like the steps below :) and guess what? he liked me too :)

1) choose a nickname for him, I named mine light bulb,

2) get to know him or should i say… let him get to know you ;)

3)compliment him, guys love it!! say something like “you have a really good voice.. do you sing?” or “your hair looks really eye catching today… did you use gel?” 

4)play around with him a little, sometimes ticking turns a guy on, or just brushing against him when you walk past or look him in the eye then quickly look away.

5) smile at him, guys love girls that smile at them because it makes them feel good

6) don’t pretend, it’s SO obvious when a girl fakes it and that is a huge turn off… you don’t like guys acting up for you so why would he? I know it’s hard but its worth it

7) by now you would be friends and he might start falling for you

8) don’t treat him like a super star because it can get annoying and frustrating for a guy

9) get to know his friends and make them your friend, this way he won’t be embarrassed to ask you out if he did

10) take pride in yourself , there’s nothing worse then a girl with stinky underarms or dirty nails, even a pimple can make him not want to touch you.

11) don’t hide from him, biggest mistake you can make is to hide away from him, if he talks to you then great!! talk back to him but never you go chasing him either because then he’ll get sick of you

12) get the guys in your class that like you to ask you out in front of him, guys that like a girl will do anything for her but turn then down, it may be mean but your guy will see that your not as quite as easy to catch and he’ll want you more

13) gradually bring out the nickname and share it with everyone but not the real name because that’s between you and your closet friends, soon everyone will catch on that you like someone and they’ll wanna know who it is, including your guy. 

14) you can tell the guy you like a little about the mysterious nicknamed guy but not all so he wants to know more and more 

15) by now he should hav began to like you and you should have the occasional glances . so it’s time to spill the beans but to him only and because he may like you too he won’t have a problem with it and may even confess that your his light switch ;)  

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