How to Make Him Dump You Quickly

August 7, 2010 by MsPatriciaDV  
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We always see tips on how to impress someone you like. Now let’s talk about what things you should do to make him dump you. (You can also use the reverse of this to serve your needs).

So you are in this sticky situation that he likes you to death but you don’t. Take a peek in our “How To Make Him Dump You” guide.

1. Forget hygiene. Do not take a bath. Do not change clothes. Look really crap. No one wants to be with someone who looks and smells like a pile of junk.

2. Cling harder. Make him the center of your universe. Always ask him where he will go, what will he do, who are his companions. Always depend everything to him.

3. Complain harder. Whine. Cry. Complain about everything. He will surely be irritated.

4. Remove trust. Always think he will do something nasty. Accuse him often of being with another girl, flirting with other women, and having intimate moments with mistresses.

5. Push yourself to him.

6. Treat him as your property.

7. Neglect his feelings.

8. Do everything he hates.

9. Make him do the housework.

10. Tell him you don’t like him.

11. Confess that you are attracted to someone else.

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  1. Brewed Coffee Says:

    This reminds me of the movie “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” They ended up together hehehe….Nice article

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