How to Make a Man Fall for You?

May 5, 2011 by braveheart4025  
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What better way to find out what we’re thinking than from a man who was “caught.” First things first, it’s the guys who do the catching. Don’t confuse me for someone who thinks women are inferior, because I believe quite the opposite. Women are queens and should be treated as such. So I’m saying to you all, there are ways that YOU can set yourself up to be caught by the right guy.

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Many people will think you need to stick to all the fluff stuff during the dating process. You know what that is, making dumb jokes, laughing at dumb jokes, all of the infatuation-type things that go on those first couple of dates. It’s fun when you’re just starting to learn a person. I’m advising you not to waste your time, and get to the meat of what matters to you early. Any time you waste with this person, if they’re not the one, delays you from finding the one.

 Things to consider, and ask a man before you start to get serious with him:

  • How is his relationship with his family? Any man who treats his mother and sisters right will treat his mother right. Any guy who can dismiss or be disobedient to his mother in another person’s presence will grow up to be the man who publicly scolds his wife or speaks to them harshly in the open. And you can almost bet that any man who does that in public will do much worse behind closed doors and at home.
  • Is he willing to wait to have sex until he is married to you? My personal belief is that you should not have unmarried sex, but regardless of your belief on that subject, it’s important to know if he is willing to wait. It’s another matter of respect at play here. And it shows a lot about how patient the man is. If he is someone who says yes and means it, well then you’ve found someone who values you. You’ve found someone who has the patience to wait for what he knows is coming to him. That can translate into someone who knows how to save, not spend everything they have up front, and will listen to you.
  • What are his goals in life, both short term and long term? A man without goals isn’t much of a man. You have to be trying to go places and accomplish something to be a real man. He should be able to tell you, even if it’s not completely drawn out on scrolls, what he wants to do in life in a short and sweet way. Also, make sure he tells you how he plans to incorporate his wife’s plans with his. Will he be willing to sacrifice some of his own ambitions if a goal of his wife is happening right before both of their eyes? Could he deny himself a dream to fulfill one for his wife? It will tell a lot about him and his character. Is he selfish? Is he self-centered and prideful. Is he humble and full of promise? You should be able to find out all of this when you ask him this question.

For this young generation that seems to only care about if a guy has a cell phone and any job. God places in someone for our life to have a male-influence in their life. I wish that every woman could have the man of her dreams. You’ll know you’ve found him lady if he believes he’s found the woman of his dreams.



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