How to Make a Girl To Like You?

February 20, 2011 by Mr Arrogant  
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There is one girl you’ve been attracted to and you like her, but you can’t tell her you like her. You can’t just go straight forward to her and say you like her.You like the girl and you want her also to like you. You want to build a romantic friendship between you and the girl, but have not clue how to start, then I’ll teach you how you should move ahead.

         Here are few steps you should try in order to make the girl fall for you and like you, and make her know that you like her. So follow these simple steps and I hope you’re lucky enough to make the girl also like you.

1. Be Yourself - When you are with the girl, just be yourself. Just to make the girl like you, you do not need to change yourself or be someone else to make her like you. If you want her to like you, you do not need to pretend to be something different, else be yourself, the real you, so that she likes your originality.

2. Create an Impression – If you want to impress a girl, it is not that you should act heroic saving her lives from a great villian or doing great things to dazzle her. Just being yourself, and doing somethings for her can impress her. First discover and find what’s good and impressive about you. It maybe anything. You maybe a good singer, or a write good poems, and play guitar very well. So use your talent and skills to show her so that she has an impression on you to make her like you.Try to know what she likes and be confident, and do something that makes you different from the crowd. Do not try boosting yourself by talking about yourself, your achievements, but show her what’s good about you.

3. Friendship is Likeness - Girls do not fall for random people and strangers, and if they do, their relationship do not last long. So making a girl like you, first you need to be friends with her. Look for a way you can be friends with her. Be friends with her friends and get to know her and look for way to be friend with her. Smile at her sometimes, as this makes her notice you, but don’t do that too often also. Make yourself comfortable and be closer to her, but be sure, that she doesn’t feel you are hitting on her. Talk to her, know her, build her trust and be with her, so that she knows you better and likes you.

4.Flirt a Bit – Talk to her. Make eye to eye contact to her and smile. Whenever you are with her and talking to her, be comfortable and relaxed. Do not be nervous as this may lead to you saying things that are not important and stupid. You’re being friend with her, so have a conversation with her in an easy comfortable way. Don’t be shy and make her comfortable with you. Give her some space too and please her.

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  1. CVSivaprakashan Says:

    A serious subject indeed.!

  2. ChangeTeam Says:

    lol… This is very interesting!

  3. Saxenadhi Says:

    nice article, but what about taking the first step, find it hard to approach a girl

  4. pruelpo Says:

    hehehe. like it dude. nice sharing.

  5. jemialbert Says:

    good share

  6. Macherie Says:

    hahaha.. and not disappearing after you get the girl’s attention is also a great advise. thanks for the share.

  7. alexgadd Says:

    Very useful info, useful tips, thanx for sharing

  8. anndavey650 Says:

    A great topic and one that is in demand!

  9. Christine Ramsay Says:

    Very good and useful advice. Well done.

  10. lapasan Says:

    Good tips especially those who are courting girls.

  11. khalique Says:

    Gooo One..

  12. wonder Says:

    Boosting oneself does not pay.A useful share.

  13. Tim P Stavert Says:

    Try not to impress too hard, be yourself, then the girl will accept you for who you are.
    Good article Honey.

  14. Wizard Brown Says:

    haha all good tips. And I guess we all enjoy finding out whether or not that girl likes us :)

  15. Edsss Says:


  16. albert1jemi Says:

    Thanks for sharing

  17. Mr Arrogant Says:

    its by being friends first

  18. Mr Arrogant Says:

    the thing that came into my mind for the last step was being with her after she started liking too so just sticking to it.

  19. Mr Arrogant Says:

    @cv sivaprakashan
    and did i do fair with this serious subject?

  20. Mr Arrogant Says:

    instead of boosting, one can show his talent what he’s got :)

  21. Mr Arrogant Says:

    @wizard brown
    ha ha. right. just an experience trying to find it is fun too

  22. Pinay Beauty Pictures Says:

    Amazing.. Very useful article.. Great share..

  23. Mr Arrogant Says:

    @pinay beauty pictures

  24. Expcontent Says:

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