How to Know If Your Man is Cheating on You with Another Man?

December 20, 2009 by Anamika S  
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How to know if your Husband is having an affair with another man? There are some signs or indicators of infidelity. Look at a combination of the signs in your man for infidelity. However, do not confront or accuse him without having a solid proof. You would not want to lose your Guy you love by suspecting him of having an affair with a guy when he is not, right?

How does it feel when you find that your husband is having an affair with another man? Jasmine never even imagined that she would see such a day. That particular day she served tea and snacks to her husband and friend and went out on grocery shopping with her friend after been assured that they would go out to the club after some time.   After driving the car for 10 minutes she realized that she forgot to put the credit card folder into the purse and returned home to take it. The door was closed so she used her house keys to open the doors. When she reached her bedroom she could not believe what she saw. Her husband and his friend were on the bed in a compromising position. Her friend saw them too. Everyone who came to know about the incident was sympathetic on Jasmine and told that she did the right thing walking out of her husband. When she spoke to me she told me that the signs were there but she trusted her husband blindly and never even imagined that he would have an affair with anyone forget a guy.

How to know if your man is cheating you with another man? Here are some signs or indicators of infidelity. But make sure you have suffecient proof before confronting him about the issue.

  • Unusual association with Gays and other males 

  • Too many personal phone calls and visits to or from other men 

  • Spending too much time out with his male friends 

  • Too close and over friendly with male friends and touches and hugs that lasts a little too longer etc.  

  • Buying or receiving expensive or intimate gifts from male friends 

  • Strong Preference for anal sex or lack of interest in sex with you 

  • Frequently visits porn sites, especially gay sites. 

  • Over reacts on topics concerning gay men 

  • Possession of gay magazines, videos, pictures etc 

  • Secretive talks or whispers with male friends

Look at a combination of some of the above signs in your man as sign of infidelity. However, do not confront or accuse him without having a solid proof. You would not want to lose your Guy by suspecting him of having an affair with a guy when he is not, right?

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16 Responses to “How to Know If Your Man is Cheating on You with Another Man?”
  1. T. S. Lewis Says:

    Sad but it needed to be said. Undercovers are every where not just in Atlanta.

  2. LoveDoctor Says:

    Great article and funny too. What if your intuition tells you that he is cheating? I have great intuition and in the past when I have suspected I have been right and then confronted. Of course I lost the guy but that scum bag wasn’t worth anything so who cares about the relationship then.

  3. LoveDoctor Says:

    of course your article is about men cheating with other men. These are excellent points to be on the lookout in case it involves men.

  4. seksijerk Says:

    this virus of gay culture is spreading fast

  5. Citra Florenca Says:

    That would be really shocking to find out your man is going for another man! Great article!

  6. AlmaG Says:

    It wouldn’t be that painful I guess when your man cheated you bec. of another women but when he cheated you because another man .. gosh! that would be like… OH NO WHY ME?

  7. 8Shei8 Says:

    I have couple of friends who are bisexual and their partners do not know. Cheating is bad no matter if it is with another woman or man.

  8. athena goodlight Says:

    That’s just a terrible thing to happen. Honesty is very important in a relationship. Excellent write up.

  9. abhishek40914 Says:

    it is becoming very common problem these days, good info. thanks for sharing

  10. metro7 Says:

    oh boy.

  11. nadine Says:

    that’s the problem with homophobia

    gay men would not enter into a cover marriage if they were not ashamed of their sexuality.

    and ultimately, society is at fault for making them feel the need to hide their true sexual orientation.

  12. rhej.. Says:

    oh no! i think i’m seeing almost all of these signs with my husband… could it be?

  13. fashion girl Says:

    This is an interesting thing to think about. :)

  14. lillyrose Says:

    A very delicate subject to touch on, very well written. I just think it’s sad that these men could not be open and honest in the first place.

  15. jan Says:

    Im trying to figure out what my man is up too, i need advice. we have a great relationship, sex everyday, just got a house 4 weeks ago.. He likes anal sex and asks for me to perform it on him with toys. I found a “Massingal Douche” and anal lubrication hidden in his truck. When i confronted him, he got angry that i accused him of being with a man, saying he uses it to rinse when hes masturbating. 2 days later he said he had been seeing an old girlfriend and was confused about how he felt about her and me so he needs to leave. He has left but claims he loves me with all his heart. HELP.

  16. Anamika S Says:

    What you have mentioned definitely sounds like he is involved with a man. If he has left probably he was not worth you and you are better without him. Be patient and do not contact him. He took the first step opting out so If he has to come back let him do on his own.

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