How to Know He is Jealous?

March 18, 2010 by Kalista Leow  
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In a relationship, sometimes it is just have too much uncertainty. Instead of plucking off the rose’s petals and recites:" is he likes me or is he not?"

In a relationship, sometimes it is just too much uncertainty. Instead of plucking off the rose’s petals and recites:” is he likes me or is he not?” Annoying, isn’t it?  Even you could memorize everything inside “He’s just not into you”; still, you wish part of him isn’t in the book?

Now you are wondering? The most straightforward way is to ask him! But this is sometime awkward! He might not say something you like to hear.  See, the truth is simple, some guys are not get use to under pressure, the more you ask, and the more he drifted away!

So, a million dollar question—how do you know he is jealous?

Jealousy can only apply or occur if the guy is really like you. If he doesn’t, then he would not feel even a slight jealousy at all.

First, make sure he is really likes you.

Second, pay a little attention on his behavior. 

When the two of you are talking, is his shoulder leaned towards you? Is he paid attention to you when you are talking?

How about when accidentally his feet or leg touched yours, is he moving his feet away or is he maintained that posture?

When he is talking to another female, is he glancing at you a few seconds to check on your respond? Or if he stopped talking or flirting to another female as soon as you leave your seat?

Next, when you are talking to a male, is he coming over to ‘claim’ your attention or join you and your male friend in the chat? If he is, it is a bright chance that he cares about you and would like to know your friend or could simply tell the other guy that YOU Have been Taken!

Third, pay attention to his friends.

If he really likes you, he most likely talks about you with his pals. Don’t be surprised if you find out he has guy’s talk! We have girl’s talk, don’t we? Take notice of how his pals talk about you and him or how they joke about you two.

Is he telling a joke often? When he is telling a joke, everyone around him is laughing and he will check out if you are laughing or not? Literally, it means he would like to know how your respond to his joke.

Above all, trust your instinct! You could tell him how you like his reaction when he is jealous , he will be appreciated for your insight information. Remember guys always complain about the 2WH? What women think? What women want? How do I know is she implying something or just saying? For example, when she tells you Monica Belucci’s lipstick on the magazine is glossy and luscious, guy might ponder is there any underlying meaning about it or is she just asking me to buy her that lipstick? Or for worse, is she asking whom lips are more luscious? Or she asks me to kiss her? Well, dear all, you have to figure that out yourself!

However, if yours’ his or her is a typically jealous type, be careful when you try to incite his or her jealousy! Note, guys know if you are trying to make them jealous if you overdone it!





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