How to Keep Your Man Focus on You

October 4, 2010 by Anthony Green  
Published in Relationships

A few tips on how to handle your mate.

Many time wimen wonder what is it that makes men notice other wimen,some people say its in a mans genes wrong.Threw out my life I’ve encountered many different situation’s some I really don’t care to share or think about .In my experience I notice that each women I’ve encountered shared similar or same personalities when it comes to men.Most have the same opinion when it comes to men, being faithful like any other animal on this earth men are same as wimen are attracted to the opposite sex. But men differ from wimen men  tend to lean to wimen as a need as well as a companion.Most of the time when that companionship is missing his desires are hungering for more of that closeness the mate does not provide for him .A lot of time we as human settle and get comfortable in relationships that aren’t really stable from the start for instance(A man spends most of his time talking to a women in the beginning in order to conquer her and become in charge of most of her decisions to provide a mutual life for them with sometimes without her input) .Most her time is spent listening to him as he shows his outer character to persuade her into belief.When he finishes his outer character is left and all she see is what he allow her to ,without further examination shes soon to follow because she’s hooked on what he wants her to believe.You may ask how does this get a women to keep her man ,well its quit simple from here .She must always present herself as someone who lustrous ,some body who’s not afraid to listen and take advice of others meaning him.To sometimes respond to him as if he was the ruler of every throne this is very hard for most .But men sometimes have to feel important and some what needed in order to keep his mental ability a his thoughts open regardless of his background .Men like to be opened up to explore different thing and new ideas without the critical opinions or others .Wimen have to start back taking the very thing that spoiled him in the first place some think its the sex no it not, its the respect he needs the most .And he will stop at nothing until he reaches his achievement level of feeling that power.Many times the women holds all the cards and don’t even know it. You can get a mans attention by holding your ground and being some what as honest as you can although you can’t let all your secrets out.Men only what something out the ordinary that he hasn’t had if you appear as a strong women he want a wild women to exist inside of that if you appear as a wild women he wants a lady in that with a wild side.A lady can not balance if she don’t know what the man desires, she try every thing and none of it seems to work because she wants him to love right away. Men can love from the beginning but some wimen can change that for him after a day by their unlady like behavior .Men enjoy the very movement of a women from her hands to her feet even the way she speaks and controls the tone in her voice to tame him all the things  here are just the top of what might work  just try to start a relationship with the simple thing in stead of moving on desires first.When you open a relation ship up with with sex or flirtatious behavior that’s what it becomes meaningless and empty.

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