How to Get a Guy in Five Easy Steps!

December 22, 2010 by NatzVanz  
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~It’s that holiday season again, and love is in the air~
…That’s all nice.
But being single sometimes isn’t.
Good thing there’s a guide on how to get a guy in only five simple steps!


I t ‘ s   e a s i e r   t h a n   y o u   t h i n k. 

1. Be yourself

  • Lots of girls think in order for any guys to like them they have to be overly flirtatious and dumb… You know what I’m talking about girls: the Jessica Simpson… Well good news for you; you’ll have a better chance getting  the guy you want if you JUST BE YOURSELF! Sounds easy, but it can take lots of time.

2. Be confident

  • Approach as if you’re confident- if you’re not, pretending can help. But make sure you don’t overdo it. Some men are easily threatened by overly-confident women. There’s a fine line between confidence, and straight out diva. For those of you that are the diva: try toning it DOWN. 

3. Don’t come on too strong

  • If you like a guy, you can tell him. Beware of freaking him out though. Don’t scare him out of a relationship by being too clingy, or committing to him before this decision is mutual- this can damage friendships, and potential relationships. Men don’t want another mother either- that is obviously a huge turnoff. 

4. The chase keeps them going (Tease, Tease, Tease!)

  • Remember girls, it’s a chase- not a marathon. Don’t make it too easy, but don’t make it too hard. Men will give up coming after you if you continuously shut them out. Subtle rejection can sometimes make or break this tactic- depending on the guy. 

5. Men are easily confused

  • Sending out too many mixed messages about your feelings can often times ruin your chances. If you like a guy- there’s no problem being forward about it because men don’t always want to be the ones to do it because many men (just like women) fear rejection. Sometimes it’s honorable to put yourself into the vulnerable position.

It’s all about subtlety. With everyone of these suggestions there are always happy mediums. Judge for yourself depending on the guy. But most importantly – make sure it’s always light-hearted and fun! 


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